Hollywood sci-fi “cloud” starting the trailer Zhou xun plays

zhou xun in “the cloud” the role of the three completely different, men and women, and Tom & middot; Hanks a lot of stars.

hot incoming

when the matrix director + “run Lola run” director, United Nations superstar, building & other; Hollywood was just another time-traveling & throughout; “The cloud”. Starting yesterday trailer, content splendid users expect.

low SMW identification: simple, mainland theaters early!

SMW reporter JianFang interns angel lee & other; In the future, now, in the past, the world has its natural law, those who want to destroy it no good end. Throughout the &; Beijing time at ten o ‘clock yesterday morning, from America, Germany, medium multinational cooperation investment of about $100 million sci-fi “cloud” (CloudAtlas) global synchronous starting the trailer for up to 5 minutes for 45 seconds. It features all the star Tom & middot; Hanks, halle & middot; Berry, Hugh & middot; Grant, bae doona and others also appeared one by one, but due to the modelling of Chinese actress zhou xun is subversive, european-style blonde with blue eyes, and handguns, many viewers have said & other; Too eyesight test & throughout; . (source: southern metropolis daily SMW network)

film by directed The Matrix, The Matrix trilogy of Lana & middot; Andy wachowski, & middot; Sister, larry and Andy wachowski, and the director of “run Lola run” (RunLolaRun) Tom & middot; The combined directed “, adapted from British author David & middot; Mitchell 2004 is considered & other; Based on the difficulty greatly & throughout; The best-selling novel of the same name. And released from the trailer to some extent also explains why it is so difficult, because the whole story is divided into six different time and space: the Pacific in 1850, Belgium in 1931, California in 1975, at the beginning of the 21st century England, in 2144, South Korea and the rebirth of human civilization. And almost every actor pluralism, play multiple roles, such as Hugh & middot; Grant revealed before they will be in 6 villain, Chinese actress zhou xun also has three characters: in addition to the trailer of clone & other; Y oona – 939 & throughout; She can play the part of a man and a woman. (source: southern metropolis daily SMW network)

in the end, due to the Hugh & middot; Grant and zhou xun in the trailer is only a glimpse, modelling and too upset, really to identify the increased a lot of difficulty, reporters here hint: 59 seconds the vicissitudes of life to let a person dare not old uncle who is Sue & middot; Grant, and 3 minutes and 40 seconds, that stand in the Tom & middot; Hanks around, with tears, cloning girl is the duke of zhou. It is understood that the film length 2 hours and 44 minutes, set to hit cinema screens in North America on October 26, the mainland is expected to be in the 2013 Spring Festival introduce this movie. (source: southern metropolis daily SMW network)