Hometown of li bai “the treasure” and “treasure”

jiangyou held on June 29 & other; I have an appointment with the jiangyou – 2012 romantic night concert at hometown of li bai & throughout; , when ten thousand people together with li bai poetry, large screen & other; Throughout the hair treasure &; . July 3, a truer netizens are just things: the content of the concert is & other; Throughout the hair treasure &; Or & other; Throughout early onset treasure &; ? Cause enthusiastic responses, netizens have allusions, speaking like a book.

net friend things:

is & other; Throughout early onset &; Not & other; Throughout the hair &;

who, in the evening on July 3, the net friend & other; Hate. Throughout the &; In jiangyou BBS Posting fun: the scene of poetry “the hair treasure”, should be the early sailing early from baidi town & hellip; & hellip; Jiangyou is the hometown of li bai, how can give li bai’s poetry title to the right? The event organizing committee was on a big screen on the concert tickets, the event is to write the wrong character & hellip; & hellip; Isn’t this a joke?

this post was published, caused netizens quickly onlookers, postings. Most netizens to support the building (post) point of view, think & other; Throughout early onset treasure &; Is correct. But there are also many netizens said: his primary school Chinese textbook, included the poem, the headline & other; Throughout the hair treasure &; Or & other Throughout the jiangling &; .

reporter refer to June 29 at night in jiangyou stadium & other; I have an appointment with the jiangyou – 2012 romantic night concert at hometown of li bai & throughout; The Li Baisan printed on the ticket envelope the title of the poem, as one of the title is indeed & other; Throughout the hair treasure &; And the net friend upload & other; Ten thousand people together with li bai poetry & throughout; On the large screen display and & other; Throughout the hair treasure &; .

speaking like a book:

what & other; Throughout the &; Or & other; Throughout early &;

in order to support their claim, netizens are quoting. & other; HuaBai throughout the householder &; Wrong: speech may posterity make private copies. But, the earlier, the read zhao (1), the meaning is the same, so we don’t dispute again!

& other; Cheng Pa tsing yi & throughout; Hobbies can delve into poems, he stressed: according to the habit of the ancients, said & other; Throughout early onset &; Or & other; Xiao hair & throughout; Are more common, says & other; Throughout the hair &; Doesn’t seem to conform to the habit. & other; Throughout early &; For more colloquial occasions, & other; Throughout the &; Are more used to writing. Li bai, this poem text with & other; Throughout the &; A beautiful, one is for the sake of syllable, 2 it is for the sake of diction and elegant. So, what need not & other; Throughout the &; ? Is on one hand, the ancients for poetry topic while also has exquisite, but far less attention to poetry, poetry topic itself has a similar & other; Announce & throughout; Function and let the readers quickly understand its meaning, so use a relatively common & other; Throughout early &; Word; Is on the other hand, the ancient literary works, tend to avoid repeating words, poems have & other; Throughout the &; , he’ll use & other; Throughout early &; .

& other; Whether & lsquo; Long hair & rsquo; Or & lsquo; The hair & rsquo; , ancient confirmed are the posterity do good! Throughout the &; Yesterday afternoon, jiangyou a Mr Wang find a reporter, holding out a set of antique thread-bound. Open on see, is the first appearance started, a total of four volumes, the three for woodcuts, discovers a & other; Light lunch in new engrave c & throughout; The words. Mr Wang, who describes himself as a collector, the summer of 1996 in jiangyou XinAn Town an ancestral hall, from a more than 80 – year – old mother-in-law home to more than 100 ancient text. In this paper, this batch of old books fastidious, fine engraving, better preserved “started the first appearance”.

, said wang light lunch in c or 1846 years, 166 years ago. In this book of the four 45th to 46 pages, includes two li bai’s rising, the first is the yellow crane tower to send the straight of meng haoran, second first run in the first row above the partial page 46, with thick ink printing the early sailing early from baidi town daubed impressively eye-catching. However, under the title with light ink injection & other; Originally the jiangling today from li bai corpus to correct & throughout; The words and tell people, li bai poem in tang dynasty to the qing 28 years (1763 years) before the started the first book, may have been used is the jiangling under this heading. Perhaps, the next jiangling is li bai oneself to the title of the poem’s life. IfengLogo (Chen Yuansong)