Hong Kong exhibition in qing dynasty court dress Cixi 4-inch saucers shoes for the first time exposure (FIG.)

Hong Kong “Ming pao cartography

Beijing, July 24 (xinhua) according to the Hong Kong’s Ming pao reported, the qing dynasty has more than one hundred years in the past, finish, in the clothing style. Hong Kong history museum next Wednesday (31) held in Hong Kong has always been the biggest qing dynasty court dress exhibition, exhibition of more than 130 pieces of clothing boutique, thirty percent were on display for the first time, including the queen mother’s former Gao Yu 4-inch & other; Saucers shoes & throughout; And the last emperor was wearing dress once, etc.

exhibition palace more than thirty percent of the 130 collection

Hong Kong respective department & other jointly organized with the Palace Museum; Countries adopt the chapter & ndash; & ndash; Throughout the qing dynasty court dress &; After the exhibition, the qing dynasties emperor clothing of smelting furnace. At more than 130 sets of clothing, shoes and appliance, from the national Palace Museum in the qing dynasty, more than twenty thousand cultural relics selected, sixty percent never exhibited in overseas, thirty percent more on display for the first time, such as the last emperor pu yi was ruling in stone GunFu, qianlong in festival festival wear purple (maroon) dragon robe, kangxi empresses of the skirt, etc.

the rest of the precious clothes have long yu empress and emperor guangxu wedding’s & other; The female dragon robe & throughout; , is the national Palace Museum is now only one set of the queen’s wedding dress. Exhibition display at the same time of manchu women wore shoes, high heels, saucers shoes and the bottom of the wing, the empress dowager had dressed saucers shoes are on display for the first time. In the qing dynasty imperial concubines wearing high heels and saucers shoes, generally 3 to 5 inches high, empress dowager cixi saucers shoes about 4 inches high.

history curator: platform shoes every cold to warm

Hong Kong history museum curator WengYi accepting a reporter to interview, manchu women wear high heels, in addition to the beautiful factor, is refers to the manchu originated in the northeast cold, thick soles can block the cold heat preservation effect.

the qing court dress clothes system, from the original color, decorative pattern and so on to protect ordinary class. WengYi colors for the robe, for example, can use yellow emperor, crown prince with apricot, prince with golden color. She added, after the qing dynasty emperor of the imperial robe was called a blouse or color clothes, according to the different seasonal festivals, change clothes color, such as jiaqing or qianlong blue dragon robe and echo of the blue sky, used to worship ceremony; Purple in qing dynasty regarded as & other; Throughout the color &; , so for happy occasions.

qing imperial robe fit occasion color changes

in addition, the qing dynasty costumes have strong manchu nomadic culture elements of riding and shooting, to resist the cold climate in northeast China, the favorite to fur to keep warm, tight narrow cuff convenient riding and shooting, big fan the collar symbol manchu original hunting culture.

the qing emperor abdicated in February 1912, the government of the republic of China promulgated dress regulations, since the dress style no level fluctuation, the qing court’s champions league system also officially entered the history.

& other; Countries adopt the chapter & ndash; & ndash; Throughout the qing dynasty court dress &; Exhibition next Wednesday (31) to October 7, in the history museum, sponsored by MJC charity fund, accompanied by large-scale multimedia programs, admission tickets is 20 yuan.