Hong Kong scholars argued that Chinese characters are abstract visual symbol, rather than graphics

Chinese characters are pictographs? Chinese characters need to alphabetize? Professor at the Chinese university of Hong Kong (cuhk) xue-xin zhang from psychology in combination with the new Angle of brain science, explode above misconception, testified that Chinese characters are & other; Unique visual text & throughout; , and puts forward & other; Chinese characters totally impossible to alphabetize, also there is no need to alphabetize. Throughout the &;

xue-xin zhang and his team put forward theoretically & other; Chinese characters spell theory & throughout; . His press conference, said that in 22 alphabet writing notice voice split, spelling a righteous word split significance. Spell righteous text characters is unique in the world, with pinyin words human words the highest stage of development is only two types of status is not matched.

theory, xue-xin zhang further using the scientific experiment proved the uniqueness of Chinese characters. He tested a Chinese unique brain waves ─ ─ N200, only during reading Chinese characters, and won’t appear in text reading letters. & other; N200 waves can be used as two kinds of text processing is one of the key scientific indicators, clearly shows that Chinese characters are visual words, words are hearing words and letters, both suit different scientific law. Throughout the &; He said.

professor zhang’s research also found that people look at the graph does not appear N200 waves, that Chinese is a very abstract visual symbol, rather than graphics, corrected it is generally believed that Chinese characters are pictographs misconceptions.

& other; Chinese characters do not inferior at alphabet writing, both different development path reflects the two different types of civilization. The world only China developed to spell words righteousness, is rooted in our civilization is unique. Throughout the &; Xue-xin zhang thinks that the value of his research scientifically set up the Chinese characters, can help enhance the people of the culture of their self-esteem and self-confidence.

the above two breakthrough research is professor xue-xin zhang for more than 20 years of scientific research, has won the mainland natural science authoritative journal “science bulletin publication for February # cover story.