Hong Kong students received a doctor’s degree from the department of art of the song dynasty art with contemporary “descendants”

at Hong Kong lingnan university continuing education college student affairs director Dr Qiu Yi Han Shengbao taken

& other; Song dynasty worth far more than ever, a dynasty & throughout; , & other Art of song dynasty writers identity present diversity & throughout; , & other There are many types of art of the song dynasty & throughout; & hellip; & hellip; This is Qiu Yi at the university of Hong Kong master of Chinese literature research in “the study of sun tzu’s art of song dynasty” argument. This abnormality is promoted to doctoral studies, helped him become Hong Kong’s first doctoral student without a master’s degree, also is one of the few Hong Kong art paper obtained a PhD scholar.

Qiu Yi research, & other; A glass of wine throughout the relieving &; Song MAO has taken a series of & other; Chongwen restraining force & throughout; Policy. The injong Zhao Zhen reign, the writing art of situation had the earth-shaking change, not only & other; Scholar-bureaucrat throughout human speech soldier &; , ren-zong is first kiss from in the history of Chinese art of the emperor, the military figure art three volumes, the creature secret just 10 volumes, “marching ring beads” and “four-way beast hand a roll and so on four art is fleeting, but he ordered a large military books, compiling the force by the total want to as princes, a professor at the book, this is no by power.

in addition, beginning in injong days SAN seven-year Wu Ju election system, often in the British ZongZhaoShu toward all customization, Wu Ju test forms like wen Ming by families, more pioneering British ancestors, as the introduction of the content of the ancient art of exam questions, in the ancient art of examination, when Song Ting had not been comparable to the attention of the war. God zong emperor Zhao Xu attitude towards art more enterprising, put ancient seven art in & other; Throughout the &; Position, called wu after seven book, and set up a martial arts as a study place worth doing. This kind of attitude to the attention of the war, is no before song dynasty.

the song dynasty & other; Art of thriving & throughout; There are three specific logo. Qiu Yi argues in his doctoral dissertation, first of all, the art of song dynasty for the number of dynasties. ? “han han dynasty by the description of the art of 53 790 volumes, figure 43 volume; The description of the sui book? Sutras still worth 135 512 volume; While the highly? Han description was worth up to 347 more than 1956 volumes. However, according to touch Xu Baolin finishing, poets in works of art of the figure than the highly? Han dynasty carries the multiple, up to 559 units.

second, song dynasty on the art of the author to the son of heaven, and the opposition under the literati, they have a study of the ancient art of scholars, a famous literati, the central and frontier provinces, including the more different class of officials. In northern song dynasty art of writing the most thriving ren-zong dynasty to god, for example, writing and the officer to ZaiFu including Ceng Gongliang worth, tinto, Han Zhen, xue, Wang Cun, Wang Shao, Zhang Shangying and Lv Huiqing 8 people and other officials of the title is too numerous to list. Art of the song dynasty authors ranks high, involving officials, is also a former generation do not.

again, two song art includes annotations, machiavellian, record the class, as a class, conscripts, weapons and other 12 types, not only across the ancient art of various fields, and created. Poets or HuiJi art of forefathers’ research results, or finish collating ancient books, worth or classify extracted generations soldier theory and examples, such as worth wu via always, force by the seven book, “a note 10 grandchildren”, such as books, preserved the ancient art of precious data systematically.

in addition, the art of song dynasty also pays much attention to from a new Angle, discusses art principle in the new domain, such as specially discusses strategy methods derived strange act; Specifically on promises such as “all previous dynasties promises”, “han conscripts supplement”, “promises of the western han dynasty”; Military historical figures and events specifically discusses the theory of Dr. He prepared, “hundred pass”, “Song Chaona cross ten pass”; Special account system of fangcheng “guarding city record” and so on, all of forefathers of words have not said, to innovate, improve the system of Chinese art.

Qiu Yi Hong Kong lingnan university college of continuing education of the director of student affairs and senior lecturer, he found that when combing art of song dynasty, the first force by the seven book, sun tzu, in the development of art of the song dynasty is the most important position, not only research the reader the most, annotated, official most seriously, and have the closest relations and the song dynasty Wu Ju take. Art of the song dynasty in version collating, annotation notes, variorum solution, classified collection, etc., in sun tzu’s studies have made outstanding contributions. In fact, the two system of sun tzu’s “the force by the seven books? Son” and “ten a note grandson” version is done during the two song.