Hong yi “half-naked women like” appeared in several paths and save mystery (FIG.)

“half-naked women like”

paintings, shirtless on a young woman, her eyes tight shut, leaning on the set of the back of the chair has a soft fabric, a head of black hair fleeciness scattered side. The characters in the picture quiet to let a person cannot bear to wake the sleeping. Slightly tilted in the corner of the canvas, canvas, however, is clearly visible in the article number or long or short fold and local paint falls off, and remind people that this is a quite some years old painting.

yesterday, when it is called “half-naked women like” oil painting at the central academy of fine arts gallery collection rooms one appearance, immediately cause the presence of the expert’s strong interest & ndash; & ndash; You know, the painting by famous master hong yi, and has been preliminary presumption to master only three paintings in the only human body painting. More legend is that the painting has mysteriously disappeared from people’s horizons for nearly a century, and that the mystery remains to be further research.

masters surprisingly warehouse

hong yi is the first to start naked sketch art educator, by his naked figure painting naturally has the special significance.

this was found to be the “half-naked women like format for the 116.5 cm wide, 91 centimeters high, even today, it seems, is also a held. According to central American art museum curator Wang Huangsheng, the painting was public appearance in 1920. At that time, hong yi’s disciple Martin founded the “aesthetic education” magazine, the first turn to render the half-naked women like; But before long, the painting was quietly disappear. In 1959, Martin is not in the central American art research magazine to write an article, also mentioned this picture, but he don’t know if it works on where.

the half-naked women like this are reproduced, almost is a pleasant surprise. Wang Huangsheng says, in the second half of last year, organize the human focused central American art gallery collection of works during the period of the republic of China, from the warehouse to find and confirm the Li Yishi, Wu Fading, Zhang Anzhi, Sun Zongwei important artist’s works, such as when sorting to the storage area of foreign works, staff and found this picture. & other; Because the work is published in many art teaching materials, books and periodicals, staff saw it first is familiar, followed by surprise. Throughout the &; Wang Huangsheng, described his mood at that time as & other; From discovering the new continent & throughout; .

after initial technical comparison, Wang Huangsheng preliminary determination “half-naked women like” is the original drawing hong yi. & other; It in the journal of aesthetic education that works with 1920 key parts can overlap, published only when drawing size is very small, because after workers retouching, plate-making effect has changed. Throughout the &; Wang Huangsheng think, before and after the painting may was born in 1909, hong yi should was Japan study abroad.

it is understood that although hong yi is very important in the history of Chinese oil painting, but he stopped writing after becoming a monk, so there is extremely rare. Reportedly, credibility is the exact hong yi existing only three pieces of oil painting. Among them, except for Japan’s Tokyo university of the arts to collect the self portrait of hong yi, half-naked women like is to get a preliminary presumption of the second picture; In addition to a picture, “flower” is said to be living in Singapore.