Hotel named “mother’s kitchen” lead hot boss: not is call names

the way the mother camphor kitchen brand particularly conspicuous. Xie Chunnian taken

reporter Xie Chunnian intern Huang Qianqian

caller id: there’s a restaurant named in the way of camphor & other; Mom’s kitchen & throughout; , & other; Mom & throughout; In the spoken language is call names mean that is dirty, used as a name indecent, also not civilization, called on relevant departments to manage these indecent’s name. Mr. Wang

investigation ps after Mr Wang to call our hotline 96333 phone, yesterday afternoon, our reporter quickly launched a probe.

boss: & other; Mom & throughout; Is a kind, the meaning of mother

the reporter comes to road, camphor & other; Mom’s kitchen & throughout; Brand is very conspicuous, workers on the grounds that the boss is not in declined to be interviewed. Reporters call the owner of the restaurant liao, then & other; Mom’s kitchen is definitely not call names mean, is the meaning of the mom in the kitchen, mom’s food. Throughout the &; Liao boss response, & other; Mom’s suantiankula food, have dad the pleasures and sorrows of matter, is our slogan. So give a person a kind of very kind, like the feeling of home. Throughout the &; Liao boss told reporters that many diners feel & other; Mom’s kitchen & throughout; Signs is very interesting, and even many passers-by to see will be photographed with trademark for a kind.

netizen: creative VS obscene vulgar

net & other; The drawer of the bean sprouts & throughout; The name: have fun! Such signs interesting, watch it and you want to go in to eat food! Praise a!

net & other; O he & throughout; : blind! Than & other; I am chongqing & throughout; Even vulgar, government should tube of a tube these things, & other; Mom & throughout; Did anyone see don’t want to scold, but standard countries tilt?

net & other; Roman abramovich’s cloth throughout the pudding &; : the owner used & other; Pun & throughout; The technique, is a sign of very will do business! Now & other; Mom & throughout; Has been a mantra, many young people will hang in the mouth, not is call names, this is kind! And there are & other; Mom & throughout; Mean, away from home, feel like mom’s food is right.

net & other; Agghh & throughout; : take this name does not favor the civilized city and the construction of a harmonious society, there are various eyesores shame, if you really want to use & other; Mom cooking & throughout; This layer of meaning, can change the name to directly & other; Mom cooking & throughout; Ah, the obvious hype.

experts: name should avoid indecent ambiguity

a linguistics professor at hunan normal university ze-run peng said, & other; Mom’s kitchen & throughout; In linguistics is an obvious side-door name, & other; Mom & throughout; There can be a & other; Mother’s & throughout; And call names mean, either deliberately use it to attract the attention of the customer, his defense is actually an alibi, because the average person see this name can trigger associations, and & other I am in chongqing, LiangCheng lichuan & throughout; Is a property. In fact, the store should be avoided when take name this indecent ambiguity, considering the feelings of the public. Suggestions in changsha China pipe a such behavior.