How did the laba festival: ancient sacrificial worship ancestors nuo dance laba rice porridge boil all night

winter is over, the traditional festival, should be the laba festival coincides with the laba festival this year on January 1, 2012.

the laba festival is to enter the first day of the 12th lunar month, also can saying is the forerunner of the Spring Festival, its origin is very early, some festival customs today has become a cultural fossils, some are still around.

the laba festival is based on & the name of the other; Lunar & throughout; On the basis of the term, so, why is the lunar December called lunar? Late la is an ancient fete ceremony, also called wax, and, in fact, wax and wax is different. La is & other; Hunt & throughout; Beast, hunting to inspect, the wax is & other; Cable & throughout; Everything is gathered to worship god. & other; La si ancestors, wax to god, on the same day and different offerings. Throughout the &;

the ancient custom of LaRi besides sacrificial worship ancestors and & other; Nuo & throughout; . Nuo is a kind of expelling ghosts of ceremony, I have seen it in jiangxi folk nuo dance performances, very shocked. Recorded in historical data, the performers usually wore a mask to king kong, guinness, equal, knife of the tomahawk, the drumming noise, in pursuit of spectre, epidemic disease, it is also called la drum drive, the legend to keep children safety and healthy. The later folk transformed form to become eat Fried beans, fry, etc., regardless of the beans, wheat, Fried to stir-fry, then let the children eat some, called & other; Bite ghost & throughout; .

now know the custom is one of the few people, for the laba festival, most people know is to eat laba porridge. Folklore, laba rice porridge is also called & other; Wind porridge & throughout; And drank the porridge can keep out the cold. As to the origin of the laba rice porridge, generally thought originated from Buddhism, so also called & other; Buddha congee & throughout; . About laba rice porridge ingredients, production, a lot of talk about how to eat, is the most detailed and precise examine, worship of the age of yanjing, the description: laba rice porridge with yellow rice, white rice, polished glutinous rice, millet, water caltrop kernel, peel chestnuts, red Jiang Dou, jujube paste, water, external use dyed red peach kernel, almond, melon seeds, peanuts, pine nuts, would be, white sugar, brown sugar for transition, etc. Must not use lotus seed, lentils, barley, longan, with the injury. Each to lunar month, then peel GuoDiQi, and run all night, until dawn when the porridge cooked enough. In addition to inspect for the Buddha, feed relatives and friends, may not be after noon.

we now see the laba rice porridge made of a lot of places, both ingredients and production process, is her inhibitions, optional collocation, this is the so-called modern version.