How female bodyguards into? Reveal the leaders are beautiful “weapons” (FIG.)

how the female bodyguards are tempered?

mentioned bodyguards, give a person the state image is fighting skill, body with a legend, a sunglasses in black, mysterious and inaccessible. Even it’s just a man’s world. In fact, the bodyguard industry is not only a man’s world. Recently, UK media reported that China’s female bodyguards industry to flourish, the emergence of female bodyguards are good USES harsh correction of bodyguards, killing, rude savage misreading.

female bodyguards

today, is not only China, the world’s need for female bodyguards and popular with more and more. According to the data, the Chinese had worth ten million yuan up to hundreds of thousands of people, & other; People become prosperous first & throughout; More hope their own personal safety can be guaranteed, most of them have wives, children, tend to employ female bodyguards. At the same time, in China’s rich, women accounted for a third, a lot of women like to choose female bodyguards rather than burly men bodyguards, they think that there is a female bodyguards as a reliable and sisters, so, how big is China’s current demand for female bodyguards. Russian experts also pointed out that from a long-term point of view, women are more suitable for this career, because women rarely smoking, drinking too much, they are focus on their own state of mind. Men in the work according to the logic, while women have emotional awareness, they can sense danger.

their work status, life is also a little mysterious. About female bodyguards movies, novels also emerge in endlessly.

& other; The first female bodyguards & throughout; And & other The first film throughout the &;

relative to foreign speaking, China’s bodyguard industry in its infancy, the original female bodyguards officer is China’s security guards at the university of professional female police flowers, also called a female guard in the 1980 s.

female bodyguards edge, may is zhongnanhai bodyguards, has been called & other; China’s first female bodyguards & throughout; . She was also & other; Miss Beijing & throughout; With her beauty and heart for many foreign guests left a good memory. She grew up like martial arts, boxing flat and agile; Sword, the wind is soft and dhi, sharp. Officer in 1988, graduated from China university security guards, she were the first obtain bachelor of law, the ministry of public security guards. During the period of school practice boxing, judo, shooting, driving, also familiar with criminal law, civil law, international law.

edge mei, graduating from university into the diaoyutai state guesthouse on the 18th floor work in the guard, from 1988 to 1994, seven years, where he stayed in the United States, the Soviet union, Russia, India, Romania and other countries of the first lady, British, Japanese prime minister’s wife, Thailand princess and female prime minister of Pakistan, when they began the day’s schedule, the first see the hall the beautiful Chinese women standing guard. She has a slender figure and sweet smile. Her success, not only because she had a very good professional quality, but also because of her supercilious, polite, considerate.

as a personal guard, side may may be a little more this profession the rare warmth and kindness, the nuanced intimate care is rare. Wife, raisa gorbachev to the waist is bad, sitting in the car, the wings mei will give her a small pillow; Because of her careful and thoughtful, protector tend to communicate with her very quickly, sometimes also can achieve some kind of tacit understanding. Her English is good, it created conditions for bilateral exchanges. & other; Foreign guests for you know that some activity will take the initiative to tell you, for example, I want to go for a walk in the evening. If she doesn’t bother you, wish you dangling in front of her eyes, don’t tell you, our work is very passive. Throughout the &; In accordance with the rules of the security guards, visitors, even foreign couple two people walking together in the diaoyutai state guesthouse, and may also want to follow.

the edge of the army, may have done, vice President of real estate center, is currently learning English, doing aerobics twice a week, the rest of the time is to accompany the mother, she didn’t married, she says she is passive, so would rather put out one thousand, also will not take the initiative to pursue a. Now mei gracefully in the edge of the skirt, but the heart still remember that year the olive green.

as the edge to the veterans of the plum, China also appeared to cater to the market demand of female bodyguards. Xiao yu xiao yu, a security consultant company is Beijing made outstanding female bodyguards, is she is & other; China’s first special talent auction & throughout; On the first shot, with 180000 yuan by a mysterious businessman capturing, annual salary of 210000 yuan. Xiao yu xiao yu, 23, is the shandong yantai, boy character since I was a child. Has repeatedly received national wrestling champion, is famous for the feet quickly and malicious, one meter eight strong man, she can be attached to mow down four or five. Japan’s junior high school graduation in 1999, xiao yu, relying on the wrestling a special skill, be forces characteristic series to army, and to accept professional training, in 2002, she first in the competition, have to national women’s freestyle wrestling competition first prize in the 67 kg.