How high prices have ordinary citizen of the republic of China saving 88 years to buy a

shikumen in Shanghai during the period of the republic of China.

today and also known as the residence of the republic of China in the secondhand the building of houses.

high house prices from day to day, various policy shouted to crack down on property prices, but eventually hit the housing market. Housing, everybody stalemate, tangled is just need to buy a house get married and breathable in house, all hard work most of the people, most of his income to housing and taxes. Anger, if tell you: the time back about one hundred years, which is in the period of the republic of China, the absence of developers at the time, house prices are cheaper than now more than N, but the people who want to save 88 years to buy a suite, the mindset will balance? & ndash; & ndash; Editor’s note

compared to today, the republic of China era of house price is high or low? Simply look at housing prices, house is cheaper than now, but when the ordinary people of the republic of income is too low, although the house is cheap, still can’t afford to buy, from this perspective, that when house prices are not low.

chengdu ordinary citizen in the early days of death also can not afford to buy room

the early years of the republic of China, chengdu a with small garden yard for 440 silver, 2 it is said that less than half a year has risen to 500, the owner glad: & other; To this day for the rise of, if not to buy the house, namely deduction month to also could not apply. Throughout the &; And then chengdu ordinary people a year will save up to five. The first year of the republic of China, a compound fence less city street, the tile, between ten to still take a small garden, for only 440 silver 2. When 1 was 37, 440 two or 16280 grams, in recent years, silver prices rose, close to 1 yuan per gram, 16280 g is only 16280 yuan. Spend 160000 yuan can buy a yard in downtown chengdu, put aside to today is definitely a fable.

but how high is chengdu people’s income and the early republic? Rickshaw pullers 365 days not be off duty, planing to go to dinner, low CheFenEr and smoking pipes and stroll the brothel, and so on spending (most riders bet on rotten piao, and opium addiction), a year can save down at most 3 two silver; Barber shave earn 10 pence a head and dig out to dinner, rent, and the doctor money, all the year round can save 7 at most two silver; Doorman security tube eat under control, 500 a month, if is not to spend money, to save 6000, a year or sycee 5 a little more than two (or more income data are found in the chengdu go through “). The effort to eat both of wang wants to buy a decent house in downtown chengdu, must pay for decades or even the blood of over one hundred years.

crash in 2200 ocean can buy Beijing siheyuan

if you want to know the house price is high or low of the republic of China, in addition to the income, also look at specific time. In general, early of the republic of China house price is low, the republic of China in the late high prices; Beiyang period of low prices, the national government period high prices; Low prices before, after the victory of the war house prices high. In addition to look at what is a city, also has a political relationship with the time.

Beijing housing market & other; Seventeen years ago has been rise in price of the republic of China, in the eighteenth year of the republic of China to the form of a price. Throughout the &; In 1919, the year the may fourth movement, the brother of yu dafu YuManTuo within north alley on the hall to buy a courtyard, ocean paid 2200 yuan. In 1924, & other; Value WuLiuQian yuan yi. Throughout the &; (Wu Yu diary in May 1924, no. 3) within five or six years, housing prices more than doubled!

Mr May 19 l2 to Beijing, began his more than ten years & other; Throughout north bleaching &; Career. When I first got to Beijing, lu xun lived in his works often appear S hall, the mountain will YiGuan, & other; Mountain will & throughout; Refers to in shanyin, and records of the county, the two county is home to shaoxing mansion in the qing dynasty. Beijing’s history, there are many halls, mostly kyou-kan in order to facilitate student takes an exam and alternate officials staying home endowed, countrymen in cases of no taxes, or only pay little fee, lu xun was not pay rent.

in 1919, for the sake of the whole family reunion, lu xun and zhou zuoren spent 3675 yuan to buy eight bay a 11 & other; Big yard & SanJin throughout; . In 1924, LuXunHua less than 1000 yuan to buy a courtyard in the north west of three. In the history of Chinese monetary purchasing power of the most reliable in terms of price. Prices per one hundred in 1919, 1924, Beijing jin an average price of 5.35 yuan and 7.94 yuan respectively. That is to say, eight bay property worth about 70000 kg of rice, rice now 2 yuan a catty, worth 140000 yuan. By the same token, the west three courtyard house prices worth about 12500 jin m, equivalent to 25000 yuan now. Lu xun’s income, including the ministry of education, 300 yuan a month and the payment, JiangKeFei. So, eight bay property about the salary of a year, lu xun and west three courtyard value only two or three month’s salary.

tianjin after the crash more popular

in fact, as early as before the crash in Beijing, tianjin, the housing market has had a plate of alert. When no row concession earlier, tianjin is very cold and cheerless, then become a concession in tianjin city, have & other Extraterritoriality & throughout; Hood, what thing is a foreigner, Chinese people make the law, or when the political prisoners, one escaped into concessions, no one dare to catch, so the revolutionaries also go to tianjin, the clearance past also went to tianjin, removable warlords also went to tianjin, tianjin quickly flourished, house prices followed the soaring, real estate companies also follow.

before and after 15 years of the republic of China, tianjin local real estate company alone as many as several hundred. Tianjin city has full cover their businesses on empty lots that were out of the original buildings, has quickly in the past the bungalow demolish rebuild. The clearance past and some industry watchers see profitable, are involved in real estate development, building materials in short supply, since the building of family wants to buy brick, to make an appointment a year in advance to buy. Again at that time, even if the smart developers, even if another vision, also can’t imagine house prices will fall. But by 1927, & other; Revolutionary northern expedition victory successively, old bureaucrat is commonly thought that day not protect & throughout; Survival of the past, with many small, bureaucrats and warlords are sellers, with soft to Shanghai, the houses on the market oversupply, a seller’s market into a buyer’s market, house prices immediately. And ordinary property buyers to see the falling house prices, originally want to buy, buy also dare not all their money to the sidelines, so house prices fall more. Earlier to real estate companies and speculators lending Banks cannot collect their money in a big way, business can’t run, the market is more depression, tianjin who celebrated the first ever crash.

& other; Throughout the development price &; Later, prices of stagflation situation lasted for 89, by 1937, the Japanese occupation of Beijing, in the north China plain, and looted in Beijing suburbs make no man’s land, artificially drive rural residents into the city, at the same time, the Japanese nationals also behind the devil bayonet of settled in Beijing, makes much less room, Peking man is hard to find a room, soaring house prices and rents suddenly rise, more than 1929 years ago in a hot real estate market (Mr Lao she’s masterpiece “four generations” vividly recorded the phenomenon), tianjin and ashes, is more popular than before the crash.

Shanghai per square metre to 56 two silver

Shanghai concession before, 1863 Shanghai international settlement, the land of average price is RMB $1318 two silver, by the year 1907 to 9606, more than seven times to appreciate; In 1920, Shanghai public concession land average price is 10476 silver, reached 33877 in 1933.

1 two silver, how much is now? & ndash; & ndash; In the 30 s, Shanghai ordinary people to a family of three, income is roughly 300 two silver (ocean). Its standard of living is equivalent to the annual income of more than 30000 yuan purchasing power of the family. Thus, when one or two silver is now more than 100 yuan RMB. In this conversion, equal to at that time to now 5600 yuan per square meter, buy hard degree, equivalent to the current 14000 yuan per square. But there was only a quarter of the current population of Shanghai, barely a mortgage to buy a house. So the Shanghai housing price to income ratio is so high.

guangzhou yard sale 180 unique silver

according to “guangzhou daily” report, guangzhou hai lunan village residents area in the south field day sojourn in Mr Ancestors settled in this place. Area day, whose ancestors had seven houses in this area.

area tx hands with a few pieces from 11 years of the republic of China (1922) until the land (1954) in the early years of the founding of new China, recording the histories. One land sales contract shows that: in 1922 the republic of China at that time, a building located in downtown nowadays, and 50 square meters with a private garden & other; Enclosed & throughout; Hardboiled yard clinch a deal valence is 180 silver.

speculation from literal meaning, it is a complete all the intervals, from walls around a courtyard, brick and tile structure of wood and private house. In the modern view, it seemed that a & other; Luxury & throughout; Villa.

what is the period of the republic of China the monetary conditions? According to historical records, in 1914, the government of the republic of China launched & other; National currency regulations & throughout; To determine silver as the national currency of the republic of China. 11 years of the republic of China, the price and value are relatively stable, haven’t seen the currency falling sharply.