How the ancients employing not suspect: king zhuang of chu his woman was molesting also indifferent

mention employing not suspect, people tend to use & other; ZhuangWang throughout the tassel &; Masters.

king zhuang of chu gave feast ministers, removal is strong, the lamps by the wind suddenly. Someone the chance to pull ZhuangWang maggie, maggie conveniently pulled off the chinstrap, and told the king, the light point, can find the molestation of man. ZhuangWang disapprove of for this thing to let the drunken dishonored the person of the faux pas, ordered everyone say, today to join me in drinking, don’t pull off likewise said no. Hence, princes are ruptured the chinstrap, after burning candle have enough to drink. Three years later, JinChu be at war. ChuJun a detained always charge before, and fight like five rounds, take the lead to repel the enemy, to obtain the final victory. King zhuang of chu surprised to ask him, my virtue shallow, or special discount for you again, why do you fought for me without hesitation? The man answered and said, I was drunk that night faux pas was dragged out likewise.

actually, king zhuang of chu for drunken DE vassel modesty, reveal the tolerance and generosity, there is no active consciousness of employing not suspect. Strictly speaking, the use of allusions and the relationship of choose and employ persons don’t doubt, although tolerance also can move and motivate subordinates. No doubt the essence of this principle of choose and employ persons, is the high trust after the authorization, the key lies in trust and let go.

handsome, the southern song dynasty military commanders to the garden for a walk, see a soldier lying in the sun, with feet kicked him, asked him how careless tired to this level? Veteran up calmly replied, “there’s nothing to do, so we have to go to bed. Handsome, what can you do? Veteran answer. What is it will be a little, just like back to the easy, also slightly familiar with. Back to yi, similar to today’s international trade and trade. Handsome, said I give ten thousand Min copper wire, how about going to overseas trip to visit you? Veteran answer, not enough time. Handsome, give you fifty thousand? Veteran answer, is not enough. Ask handsome, that you need? Veteran said, no, one million, at least five hundred thousand. Handsome admire his courage, immediately gave him five hundred thousand, allowed to dominate.

veterans first make a very magnificent ship, hiring a good beauty and musicians hundreds, everywhere to buy silk brocade, play, the fruit, the attending, and vessels of gold and silver, etc., recruited 10 general, the soldiers hundreds, etiquette according to visit the countries of overseas pleasures, exercises for a month, after sailing across the sea.

a year later, in addition to the pearl, horn, spices, herbs, and horses, several dozen times earnings. At that time, are short of all the horses, Zhang Junyou horse, particularly, these magnificent. Handsome, very happy, asked the ole soldier, how do you do this? Veterans so reported on this overseas trade experience in detail. 39 ng approved, reward particularly generous, asked if he could go to. Veterans answered and said to them, this is a joke, to go to fail, you still let me back in the back garden remains the same pension.

in this story, 39 $five hundred thousand to a group calling itself the veteran can do foreign trade, and don’t ask, don’t how to use this kind of vision and great courage enough to make veterans calmly to cast their own intelligence. This is at ease, let it go out effect. Before the rest assured, let go, of course, there is a general problem.

goujian will state by the zhuang, fan li; With four hundred thousand gold delivery Chen ping, this is based on understanding of trust. Don’t understand a man trust him, to understand a person don’t trust him, to achieve great things. So handsome don’t worry about the old soldier with a huge sum of money on the lam? How he liked the veterans? The matter in Luo Dajing written “crane helinyulu and written by feng menglong are recorded in the” the complete works, a think-tank, but are not handsome is how to see the veteran ability and personality. However, from the handsome man, and in the veteran’s words and deeds, still can feel the handsome eyesight.

according to historical records, handsome old age love money like life, the countless. On a royal feast, a mummer mocked him face to face & other; In the eyes of money sitting & throughout; . Handsome brother Zhang Bao, complained handsome don’t introduce him. Handsome said, now I ten is the money, five thousand soldiers to the elder brother, want to make money flow is with people, you can do it? Zhang Bao meditation for a long time, said can’t. Handsome, said this is the reason why I dare not easily to introduce elder brother ah. Visible, 39 if loyal and can see no that veterans, how to take out five hundred thousand act to give him cheaper?

the veterans in answering questions, confident, have the courage, supercilious, confident humility, could see that he is not brag. Go into the trade finance operations in an orderly way, close, he could see him in mind; Profit to reply, having neither state of arrogance and rashness, and in a way, could see that he is not such a cynical. Handsome heart that he could not see the rabbit is not the eagle; Veteran’s words and deeds reflect a handsome no see deluding themselves.

the target person, trust and let him their way, is there no reason? As the American management scientist Ed. Bliss, & other; When you are authorized to the whole thing to the other party, at the same time deliver enough power for his decision to make necessary. Throughout the &;

employing not suspect, easier said than done, done. In thousands of years of feudal officialdom, brazen dog, murky slanderers free, three into a tiger examples abound, even enlightened monarch is often confused by its, will no doubt persist a risk-averse of choose and employ persons.

he said the eastern han dynasty GuangWuDi Liu Xiu, he for a long time holding the relieving, away from the founding of the central star Feng Yi, are not so rest assured, just under the needs of the border. In order to remove Feng Yi concern, thus both kindness and, to win, to NingSong report Feng Yi vomited for Feng Yi. Modern management science tells us that only on the front of individual leaders of choose and employ persons is not enough, must also be from a perspective of the system & other; Head & throughout; Behavior of choose and employ persons in a more scientific standard, focusing on expanding democracy, strengthen supervision, to establish the unity of power and responsibility mechanism of choose and employ persons. (from Hong Kong wen wei Po “article/Wang Zhaogui)