How to reward the athletes in ancient China: invoice given child as gold medal award


lang shining in the qing dynasty the plug meal four things figure depicts the wrestling (local, Beijing the imperial Palace Museum collection)

horse skill competition figure of the eastern han dynasty (shandong weapons excavated)

the world often weigh award Olympic gold winner, bonuses, the prize is not less.

as a country with traditional sports and fitness, in terms of reward excellent athlete, the ancient Chinese also not stingy & hellip; & hellip;

1 hair & other; Ticket & throughout; , yuan Wu Zongci & other; Silver throughout two hundred, chao four hundred ingot &;

to win one bonus, namely hair & other; Ticket & throughout; , is the most common modern means of reward, in ancient China. Be generous to the yuan dynasty, and hair is real & other; Ticket & throughout; .

Mongolian wrestling especially like the movement, the winner of the prize. According to the history of yuan & middot; since the eloquent appraisals appended to the second “, to three years (1310) in April, yuan Wu Zonghai mountain gave wrestling of alfa bonus, give & other Silver throughout two hundred, chao four hundred ingot &; .

one or two yuan dynasty roughly 40 grams, two hundred is 40000 g, with the international silver price to calculate the performance of about 5.50 yuan per gram, two hundred silver worth 220000 yuan.

China is the world’s first country to use paper money, & other; Chao & throughout; Is the ancient mature paper money. At that time, four hundred ingot money equals 2000 penetration, the equivalent of two hundred silver (1 two silver is approximately equal to 2 penetration). Addition of silver money, al get reward is equivalent to 440000 yuan.

YuanYing ZongShuoDe eight spine was to treat the first year (1321) & other; Give pushing 120 people money every thousand penetration throughout the &; , although less than many al winnings, but these champion wrestlers each also won the 500 silver.

the manchu for the ice movement (i.e., & other; Ice having throughout the &;) Have a special liking, the emperor “ice having fu” in call & other; The customs & throughout; . Every year in the qing dynasty in the competition of national movement of the ice called & other; Check ice & throughout; .

according to the literature of the qing dynasty his load, check the winner of the ice, & other; The top three of the reward kingdom, second-class three silver eight ounces, third class three silver six ounces, the rest of the soldiers, the silver four ounces. Throughout the &;

2 watch & other; Silver & throughout; , recognized when the northern wei dynasty filial piety with silver emperor wudi wine prizes

winner of modern sports, often called & other; Trophy & throughout; In ancient China also has a real glass when the prizes. Northern wei dynasty was founded in the northern and southern dynasties, xianbei people in the northern regime, xianbei people advocating riding and shooting, archery is very respected in northern wei dynasty, palace and folk is often held this aspect of the game.

according to the history of north & middot; Wei Zong biographies of the chamber, northern wei xiao yuan repair then worked in luoyang city, the imperial emperor wudi’s shenyang park held a archery competition, the so-called & other; Play shoot & throughout; . When the prize is a can of 2 liters of wine & other; The silver wine cup & throughout; .

& other; 3 & throughout; Is the ancient people commonly used wine vessel, actually is a very large glass, its appearance and is similar to the modern sports trophy.

There are ten several

at the time, the field of archery, filial piety is the emperor wudi recognized hanging in the silver wine hundred paces away, who is who hit the silver wine cup. Results puyang Wang Yuanshun shot, in addition to the sole & other; Trophy & throughout; , but also a filial piety bonus gold emperor wudi, satin, etc.

this colossal, yuan shun very happy, especially at the time of shot the arrow in the cast a silver, and inscriptions on the back of the silver one, the narrative of his superb archery.

zhao sun also had a glass awards. According to the highly & middot; jia li zhi four records, globalization without three years (992) in March, inspects Jin Mingchi zhao sun, watch & other; Throughout the play & boatrace; . The so-called & other; Throughout the play & boatrace; , it is the dragon boat competition or swimming competition such water.

tribute for test and the need of water, zhao sun will be one as a prize, silver ou distance thrown into the water, let’s take the swim across. The silver ou is a silver cup (a little), who get to who, really became & other; Trophy & throughout; .

three & other; Trophy & throughout; , the northern song dynasty popular sports game

a lot of modern sports event entitled & other; Tournament & throughout; , which in ancient times is a reward for sex, it is related to the ancient Chinese with the trophy for the prize. The prototype of the trophy was archery prize with banners, and then widely used in water sports and water army training.

in the tang dynasty in the dragon boat race, plug in the water a long pole for the game end, pole hang kam injured, as logo, called & other; Trophy & throughout; Or & other The color standard & throughout; Is who wins, who first for the trophy. “The poet bai juyi” and spring is described in the poem & other; Tournament & throughout; Situation: & other; JiRao for crossing the place, a horse trophy. Throughout the &;

in the early northern song dynasty, in order to unite the country, back down south, the court according to the characteristics of the south big water army. In Tokyo, capital of song dynasty city (now kaifeng) dug a large artificial lake & other; Jin Mingchi & throughout; , for water activities held by the royal marines and practice.

in order to stimulate everyone’s training enthusiasm, will let both sides & other; For standard & throughout; And turned into a format. At this point, the trophy is not just the flags, still hanging on pole cup silver bowl silver ang a kind of precious objects, as winners prizes.

the northern song dynasty in Jin Mingchi regularly every year regularly a dragon boat for the race, the emperor also to watch the game. According to the Tokyo recorded “wei menghua & other; Driving her love in the water the view for the tin banquet & throughout; It is written, the game against both sides & other; Drum in hand & throughout; , the dragon boat to fast forward benchmarking.

benchmarking is temporary set, by the military in a boat, insert benchmark in the king stands in front of the nearby water. To display a banner and silver ang (drum belly tank), take turns to three times, of one trophy was won.

4 give & other; Gold & throughout; , jin MAO amply rewarded wrestlers

many sporting events such as Olympic Games, performance tends to take the best of the top three, first, third, the reward. In the ancient Chinese sports events, and often so named time, yuan & other Expensive throughout by the red &; That is of the game.

& other; Expensive throughout by the red &; Is Mongolian for & other; Fast walker & throughout; The term, the so-called & other; Expensive throughout by the red &; , the equivalent of the modern marathon, but the schedule is longer, up to 90 kilometers. Back when Kublai Khan, from to yuan twenty-four years (1287) began to organize & other; Expensive throughout by the red &; Game, the so-called & other; Put a foot & throughout; Activities.

just take the top three, the rest of the players is not registered, but there are rewards. Yuan Yang yu’s poem neologism “& other; Dynasty throughout your by red &; Record: & other; The top person to admire the silver ingot, two reward satin four table, third to admire the two list, one table the rest). Throughout the &; The first sent to bonuses and other places are material rewards. & other; A list & throughout; Is a set of clothing fabric inside and outside.

Olympic Games from 123, with gold, silver and bronze MEDALS to reward. & other; Gold medalist & throughout; Is the most beautiful call for good athletes. In ancient China, there are also send gold to players, but the gold of the gold medal.

according to the history of jin & middot; BenDu biography, jin MAO akuta from wrestlers when choosing his own bodyguard, he held a wrestling match, was only 15 years old at the time of BenDu (yan hong ong) fell six opponents win in a row. Akuta a happy, prize gave him a gold medal, let him wear.

unlike the Olympic gold medal, BenDu won the gold medal, is a piece of gold pass, this can be directly on the administration of live and in and out of the emperor and is a symbol of identity, & other than Olympic gold medal; Gold & throughout; Higher.

5 award & other; Official positions throughout the &; Ball, li xuan racing appointed our

in all the reward, the temptation to sports players in ancient China the biggest is probably & other; Official positions throughout the &; . This is different from modern sports figures in politics also, win in the competition, is likely to get an officer dangdang directly.

li xuan lee talking had the important military commander & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; Give up our position as a polo match & other; The prize & throughout; . According to the history as a mirror & middot; Tang Ji sixty-nine years, lee was talking selected there are four candidates for this officer, for a moment he hesitated to, gave four candidates for a polo game, the winner.

as a result, when selling bread was born, for ZuoJinWu general Chen jingxuan is a master of polo, won the game, when give up on our time.

when the southern song dynasty, wrestling besides won the prize, also can get & other; Officials throughout the &; The reward. According to your self from wu “dream liang record & other; Angle 觝 & throughout; There are dedicated to wrestling, the southern song dynasty & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; Terrace, so when they called wrestling match & other Terrace for delivery & throughout; .

wu self life era, the highlight of the wrestling match when the number of the nation south peak temple terrace for pay, to players is the provincial (state) wrestling. This kind of event, special prize, such as the first class award prizes have flag account, the silver cup, the color satin, jin ao, officer, horses, etc., and most face prize is promoted.

with the Confucian Zhao Yun JingDing period, a man named evan wenzhou people get top in the game, in addition to get rich award, worthies Jia Shidao prize to give him a & other Throughout the zc &; The position.

award & other; Official positions throughout the &; Example is not uncommon in ancient China. Yuan Wu Zonghai hill, a teacher in eleven years (in 1307), was awarded master of wrestling, vault will command the Ma Mou sand & other; Flat chapter politics & throughout; After the prime minister, the position. High Qiu bei song era, it is because the ball well as prime minister.