However is the twelfth month, 23 or 24 north and the cultural differences

twelfth night, one of my friends in tianjin on weibo ridicule: & other; Harm I etc. Along while hunan TV today & lsquo; Small New Year & rsquo; The party! Why you hunan people’s lunar 24 to send the kitchen god to heaven! This also get wrong peak? Throughout the &;

off-year exactly is the twelfth month, 23 or 24? This problem is true for many people, even sparked a micro is discussed. Hunan satellite TV in the official microblog explanation is: small New Year in the north and the south have different concepts, the north is the twelfth month, the south is the twelfth month 24, people called & other; Off-year & throughout; , which means the end of the year. In fact, just said about the explanation of mango. I also checked the along while data also know that in general, the northerners off-year on the twelfth month, while the south is not the same, such as hunan people say & other; Off-year & throughout; Refers to the twelfth month 24; On this day people, call the 15th & other; Off-year & throughout; ; , Shanghai and other places, the day before the New Year’s eve is & other; Off-year & throughout; , but also must add a & other; Throughout the night &; Words, called & other; Small New Year & throughout; . Can only sigh with emotion, the motherland is vast, even one & other; Off-year & throughout; Can have such a big time difference.

all say north and the cultural difference is big, pay attention to on this New Year’s day stands out. Such as & other; Don’t eat dumplings is not new & throughout; , this sentence from CCTV anchor mouth say it out, for the audience in the north is a timeless absolute truth, but the audience for the south and really hard to accept. Take myself for example, since the childhood haven’t appeared on family dinner on New Year’s eve dumplings, if it were not for married a northerner, I’m afraid I would never know dumpling festival it is difficult to shake.

because my mother is a person of ningbo city, zhejiang in my memory, so sweet and soft fixed collocation of waxy dumplings is Chinese New Year. Ningbo water dumplings made famous, this method is particularly exquisite making dumplings. Remember when I was a child, do dumpling is my favorite part in a household chores, it is to help, actually still naughty children.

tangyuan can not like dumplings on the day of preparation, but began to work in a week before the New Year’s eve. Choose good glutinous rice, a day and a night in the water. A year and then removed from the top of the cabinet dusty small stone mill, began to grind rice noodles. Mother put a clean cloth bag tied at the mill at the exit, grabbing at cranked the grinding, single-handedly into MoYan scooped a spoon glutinous rice to add a certain amount of water. Looking at white rice water slowly outflow from the mill’s gap, let a person particularly glad. Although it looks funny, but this grinding process is not easy, to master good glutinous rice and water, the proportion of the roll grinding speed is uniform, especially can’t try so hard, the otherwise the glutinous rice powder is not enough. Mill finished m, tied cloth bag hung, after a night drain first, then the grinding powder in order to be home and dry.

it also not easy. The most traditional black sesame paste, of course, there was no food mill, all the sesame is mom and stir-fry until done manually, again a little bit with stone pestle stone mortar dolly. Then put sesame powder, deserve to go up in proportion of glistening pig suet and soft sugar, forcibly knead well, rub into glass marble size, this is the authentic ningbo tangyuan stuffing. Package dumplings without rolling skin, but to small small pieces of dough in the palm, knead into a bowl, the sesame paste ball into the cavity, employing sealed tightly, hands a rub back and forth, a small, rounded white tangyuan vividly the palms. The making process of the water dumplings really trouble, now mom has to switch to the grinding powder bags in the supermarket, home of the small stone mill also had disappeared, but she still always adhere to the handmade sesame paste.

the northerners eat dumplings pays attention to the New Year’s eve night, ningbo is in on the first day in the morning to eat, the significance of sweetness, New Year reunion. In recent years, eat dumplings on New Year’s eve night, on the first day to eat dumplings, has become a new folk customs of my home, the family had two NianWeiEr, is also good. At the end of the day, whether to eat dumplings or eating dumplings, all is not the food itself, but the thick affection in the process of production and NianWeiEr. Both northerners and southerners, the reunion mood is always the same.