“Hu” is not a derogatory term originally is the result of huns claim at the earliest

hu & throughout; The huns, the earliest are addressed. Historical & middot; qin ji “in jia yi theory: & other; Built the Great Wall is make MengTianBei while keep barriers, the huns in seven hundred, the conference semifinals dare not fell down, and afraid to bow and complaints. Throughout the &; Here, & other; The huns & throughout; And & other Conference semifinals & throughout; Are synonymous. Later, & other; Conference semifinals & throughout; Referring to the northern minorities, which refers to all foreigners. The & other; Conference semifinals & throughout; As a derogatory term, as the northern minorities in haryana, should be the qing dynasty emperor qianlong daxing & other; Literary inquisition & throughout; After things.

, at the beginning of the qing dynasty court officials basically divided into two big cronies, faction ting-yu zhang as the leader, who ertai as chief executive. Both the simmering conflict with each other. This is the qianlong emperor must not be tolerated. Stay ting-yu zhang, after the death of ertai, qianlong emperor from the cabinet the bachelor’s degree, ertai protege of Mr Hu in algal laid hands on him. Qianlong renovation of algae, hu is hu algae in the poetry anthology “the hard grinding raw poetry notes,” a & other; A heart of turbidity qing & throughout; Sentences, believing it to be a section called the qing dynasty,. As a result, hu in algae was put to death. Then, hubei party the backbone fall one after another, including ertai’s nephew, gansu governor of hubei chang. Hubei chang bad reason is that he is intimate with hu in algae, Syria’s theory of yi, a glass of wine, poetry responsory door. But so do dungans Liu Tongxun governor (Liu Luoguo Liu Yongzhi parent), hubei chang did have a “fortress Yin” in the poetry, the poem called the mongolians & other; Will & throughout; For & other; Small word rather & throughout; . The qianlong emperor great anger, he rebuked the hubei chang & other; His heart was so & throughout; , & other Much so absurd, & throughout; , dare call and manchu one of Mongolian & other Will & throughout; , since this is added to denigrate, & other; The ungrateful? Throughout the &; & other; Is the manchu scum & throughout; ! Mean you called the Mongolian & other; Will & throughout; , is to put our manchu denigrate together! In this text prison, hubei chang was given himself. This is the only a manchu words at the beginning of the qing dynasty prison killed glitterati. Since then, & other; Will & throughout; A & at the other; Small word rather & throughout; .

& other; Hu & throughout; Is the result of huns claim at the earliest. & other; Hu & throughout; Meant & other; Son & throughout; , & other Children & throughout; The meaning of. Who’s son? The day. This is & other; Kids & throughout; The origin of. The han dynasty when a xiongnu leader claims & other; Hold plough solitary tu khan & throughout; . & other; Supporting plow & throughout; , & other; Day & throughout; The meaning of. The word is transliterated into & other; Oettinger in & throughout; , & other Throughout the tengery &; , & other Throughout the tengger &; , which means the same. Tianshan mountain also called tengger mountain. & other; Solitary coating & throughout; The author doubts may be & other; Arc coating & throughout; The written by mistake. & other; Arc coating & throughout; , & other; Hu & throughout; The meaning of. & other; Supporting plow arc coating & throughout; Mean & other; Son of heaven & throughout; . Shiji, xiongnu leader in documents, to the han dynasty emperor often claim & other; By the great buy the huns born to heaven and earth, the moon and sun khan & throughout; Or, & other; Day made throughout the huns great khan &; , suggesting that the huns worship of the day and for evaluation of their own.

hu, has so far been found in the name of the mongols. But sometimes the word write & other; Husband & throughout; , sometimes writing & other Call & throughout; . Such as the famous Mongolian writer marla ooze, translated into Chinese, which means & other Herdsmen’s son & throughout; . IfengLogo J006