Hu qiaomu senior communist party cadres “seeds” reading: a few books at the same time

from the history of the party, the party has always had good atmosphere of reading and the love of reading and even become a bibliophile & other; Reading seed & throughout; Who & ndash; & ndash;

in the history of our party’s senior cadres in several & other; Reading seed & throughout;

reading, importance is self-evident, for the general scholars to have a great aim and the historical mission of the party members, have the consciousness and the pursuit of warm, because if not through reading and great knowledge, experience (indirect experience), vision, quality, etc., it is hard to imagine what happens as the parties. Study from the history of the party, the party has always had a good atmosphere, especially lead the level, which in addition to its members have certain knowledge background, cultural level is higher, especially in exploring the path of marxism consciousness. Read about the history of the party, however, so far have not about a specific and detailed book to analyze and record. Then, several & other mentioned in the history of the party; Reading seed & throughout; We can say, it is. Indeed, in the history of the party’s love of reading and even become a bibliophile & other; Reading seed & throughout; Alone. In a certain historical period, and the requirements of the special atmosphere has contributed to the study ethos of the party is full-bodied and the establishment of good style of study, such as & other Throughout the yenan rectification &; Period, etc., before and after the emergence of & other; Reading seed & throughout; , such as the generation and type, can be roughly divided into older & other; Yanan five old & throughout; (mr.xu, Xie Jiaozai, dong, Lin boqu, wu yuzhang), leader of the republic of (,,,,, liu shaoqi, deng xiaoping, Chen yun ye jianying, etc.), as well as the party’s senior cadres in & other; Reading seed & throughout; (e.g., Li Yimang, Zhang Youyu, hu qiaomu, Xiao Ke, Tian Guying, Deng Ta, etc.) so a few kinds. Here mainly talk about the history of our party’s leadership in several & other; Reading seed & throughout; .

Zhang Youyu: from the old paper heap of learning and knowledge

famous jurist, a former vice mayor of Beijing Zhang Youyu belongs to self-taught. He thinks that his own knowledge and learning from old books, reading mainly on their own learning.

Zhang Youyu memories: in their youth, & other; I read the book scope is very wide, the history of subset, verses, nothing is not reading, especially like to read novels. Later in Beijing, in school, teaching and running period, I keep the around old bookstore, the habit of old bookstall buy used books, a free run temple fairs, dong, xidan shopping center, where the book is cheap, and often can meet some good books. During my studying in Japan, also often take time to go shopping at kanda. There many bookshops, one to the dark, the road on both sides are filled up with old bookstall. After the liberation, I haven’t change this habit. Save tens of thousands of copies of the book in my family. Comrades joked that I & lsquo; Fans & rsquo; , actually the & lsquo; Fan & rsquo; Is good, my knowledge, learning, many from the heap of old paper. Of course, should not be & lsquo; Laptop, & rsquo; Throughout the &; .

hu qiaomu: a few books at the same time see

hu qiaomu also & other; Fans & throughout; Memories, his daughter hu: hu qiaomu’s life requirement is not high, he took the reading as the greatest pleasure, is essential reading for him, namely & other; His father’s life is very simple, does not work when I was reading a book, read all kinds of aspects, history, nature, philosophy, literature, look at the book of ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign, and political aspects of the book also watching & throughout; . As for the reading method, hu recalled: her father read quickly, a thick book didn’t finished in two days; Also have read slowly, such as history, philosophy, & other; Sometimes my father is a few books at the same time, such as the head of a bed, table head buckle down, folded, is to see half. Throughout the &; As for books, & other; Father once went to other place, never to go shopping, go to the old bookstore find books, every time come back with a few of books. Throughout the &; Hu qiaomu has finally reached more than 40000 books, these books also became his burden, that’s & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; Period, hu qiaomu was forced to move from zhongnanhai, looking for a house, & other; He other conditions don’t, as long as books can be put down. Later had a lot of time, arrange the nan 123 house, there is a big room, can put a book, for this is the floor reinforcement, to carry the books throughout the past &; . In December 1995, hu qiaomu’s books were donated to the institute of contemporary China and his hometown yancheng in jiangsu province.

Xiao Ke: battle victory is always trying to find a book

general Xiao Ke RuJiang is generation, ms snowe in China the older generation of revolutionaries (biography) once said that he and other Like zhou enlai, xiangqian and MAO zedong, Xiao Ke is referred to the Chinese & lsquo; Military scholars & rsquo; The near-re-embodiment. Throughout the &; He was born in a scholarly family, my father is a scholar. Xiao Ke into school 6 years old, reading & other; Dao & throughout; And & other The classics & throughout; After normal, only to read the primary school, the family of misfortune has befallen, eldest brother take part in the uprising was put in jail, home has a raid by the government troops, four times almost were looted property; Life is more and more difficult, second brother had to drop out of school, Xiao Ke also faced dropped out of embarrassment, but he read, not drop out of school. Xiao Ke later austerity, never give up, and when he finished reading Dr. Sun yat-sen’s works and biography of “Huang Huagang seventy-two martyrs, resolutely on the path of revolution, moreover he also read the” sun tzu art of war “, “seven art of war” and so on in ancient military books and relevant Chinese and foreign unequal treaties, modern history, the first world war and other books; The northern expedition to join & other; Tiejun & throughout; , after he read through the “ABC” communism, the communist outlook, etc., eventually to join the communist party, and thereafter every battle, victory is always trying to find a book or two.

Xiao Ke is a military man and is fond of reading literature, “the sorrows of young werther”, “war and peace”, “the true story of ah Q”, etc., he immersed among them, for he had the greatest influence, the Soviet novel “tielui”, that is a book of the Russian revolution. One day in 1936, Xiao Ke with he long, GuanXiangYing riding return home, in the journey, he long said: & other; Scholar, such a good scenery, and can write a good poem. Throughout the &; This suddenly touched Xiao Ke inspiration, he remembered the tielui, magnificent scenes, and a description of China’s revolutionary war “bloody luoxiao” in his heart to take root, germination, he finally by tenacious perseverance finally completed a 400000 word novel, this is & other; Throughout China’s tielui &; . Xiao Ke in war s published essays on the anti-japanese military, “a foray into & other trinity & throughout; task”, etc., retires had still been ceaseless, in addition to the editor in chief of the nanchang uprising, the autumn harvest uprising, etc, also published “Xiao Ke memoirs”, “chemor reds sidelights, etc., and his old age as the yanhuang culture research association, and successively presided over a” annals of Chinese culture “, “encyclopedia of China” and so on.

Deng Ta: reading cut ring was hurried, the connotation of work takes long

a former department members, President and chief editor of Deng Ta by the People’s Daily is not only a famous journalists, pundits, historian and poet, ZaWenGu, is also a famous & other party; Bookworms & throughout; , he is the author of “yanshan night”, “three village reading notes”, “poem of fourteen first”, “Deng Ta ci”, etc. When it comes to their reading experience, Deng Ta thinks, one is to have the perseverance, & other; Often can see in the bookstore, before the so-called “reading the secret”, “the secret” composition such as pamphlets, content is worthless, just lie. Some readers covet effort, however, refused to the bitter, saw these tips, delighted, the result is not fooled. Reading, most afraid of is not insist on study and research, grasp and relax for a while, this is & lsquo; Or make or hoses, YiBaoShiHan & rsquo; The state, must pay attention to overcome. Throughout the &; 2 it is to be out of the can into the reading, he with the ancients Chen Shan the ammonites lice new words in the words, for example: & other; Reading information access method. Start pray so when so into the, end. Necessarily kind, this is into calligraphy; Get through, this is the calligraphy. Cover can’t go into the book, I don’t know the ancients attentively; Is not to be out of the book, and died in the word. But know that, also have to do study of method. Throughout the &; That is to say, to read books and don’t read death, to know the out; To understand the ancients and die under the words by heart. So he also opposed to reading and reading tendency, claims that reading should be practical use, and flexible to use so-called & other; Through off & throughout; . 3 it is to read or constraint, to be able to solve & other Good reading & throughout; With & other; Solving & throughout; Relationship, he again “Liu Xiangshan sayings” in the word, for example: & other; Now read books and flat, not xiao and let go, don’t be too sluggish. Throughout the &; In addition there is poetry: & other; Reading cut ring was hurried, the connotation of work takes long; Might as well not know right, personal need to worry about. Throughout the &; This is what we call & other; Reading natural & throughout; Meaning, the so-called natural, not really not required to read the books, but argues for difficult place to put it in the past, don’t be hard to live. Now Mr Yixin also puts forward & other scholars; Reading three state & throughout; Said: & other; Good reading & ask solution throughout; This is scholars, & other; Not read ask solution & throughout; This is a hero, but & other; Good reading natural & throughout; This is literati, the effect of mean reading desire to see what his intentions are, and what are the requirements for their roles.