Hu shi diary records spermatorrhea: think is a problem on the second day to see a doctor

we always thought that the master of great learning, to be led should be a trace of a plate, unsmiling, dignified and solemn. The master are human, also have & other; Wulitou & throughout; Side.

a literary prodigy between Ming dynasty and early qing jin sheng-tan, a high attainments in literary criticism, but he is humorous, to participate in the imperial examinations, titled & other; I forty and indifferent. Throughout the &; Jin sheng-tan ligatures on paper the 39 & other; Tempted & throughout; .

I ask the reason, he answer: & other; Mencius yue forty, not to be tempted, 39 before will be tempted. Throughout the &; The examiner great anger, predictable results.

look a face of austere, upright and outspoken, inside but also with nifty, see his collection name knew: “just set”, “three spare set”, “talked different dialects set such as this, through to the fun.

in “wild grass”, there is an autumn night, Mr Wrote: & other; In my backyard, the wall can see two trees, is a date tree, the other is also a date tree. Throughout the &; See here, in order to understand his sense of humor. And in this anthology, he also make an exception and wrote a limerick, called “my love” :

& other; I love in the hillside; Want to go to find her mountain is too high, bowed their heads and not tear stained tunic. Love give me best butterfly towels; What back to her: owl. Since then decide to ignore me, somehow xi made me lose & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; If today, directly to the Internet, perhaps no one believes it is his masterpiece.

archaeologists Ma Heng inscriptions, a former museum director. Arguably, do archaeological scholars are very serious, actually otherwise. He speaks in the north of epigraphy, take students go to the Forbidden City the bronze ware. Student asked him, why do know is true?

a: & other; If you would know that what is true, you want to know what is false. Throughout the &; Students ask again, so, why to know what is false? A: & other; If you would know what is false, you want to know what is true! Throughout the &;

study and write a diary, and was interesting: & other; : on February 22, days seem too busy last night, spermatorrhea, has thought of. Today, doctor visits, consulting, cloud harmless also. April 9: playing CARDS to Mr. Shen, from the beginning. April 29th as sudden warming to more than eighty degrees, can’t read, and shen, you play CARDS, Chen and liu, hou you playing CARDS in China. Throughout the &;

carefully statistics, only in July, he appeared in his diary & other; Playing CARDS & throughout; Records of up to 11 days. Master this month almost half day at CARDS. Life trivia, including spermatorrhea such things, are recorded in it.

Brazilian poet carlos & middot; Andrade, high attainments, it would be in a few words can express, light see he appeared on the Brazilian banknotes portrait is known. Supposedly this master, image should be regular, words seriously. He has a poem called “in the middle of the road” :

& other; In the middle of the road, a stone/a stone in the middle of the road/a stone in the middle of the road, a stone & hellip; & hellip; I won’t forget in the middle of the road/a stone, a stone in the middle of the road in the middle of the road a stone. Throughout the &;

today, it is estimated that you also hard to see what to sort.

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