Hu shi was not tsinghua university graduates Alma mater, but the public of China, Shanghai

report from our correspondent (reporter Yuan Hongjuan) yesterday, the scholars have, review of willow green, according to his blog “graduate: tsinghua one hundred rings in China” (hereinafter referred to as “the graduate”) after his waist sealing said & other; Hu shi was a graduate of tsinghua & throughout; Is wrong. The author represents the history magazine editorial director of sun exhibition yesterday responded that they will hu listed as one of the university graduates, from a general point of view the concept of university graduates.

“the graduate” produced by Beijing times book publishing center planning, collective writing see history magazine editorial board. Willow has green said in the post, “the graduate” waist seal has a famous saying of hu shi, and & other; He is hu shi, he was a graduate of tsinghua & throughout; This sentence. & other; Hu shi was a graduate of tsinghua? Technically, it isn’t. In 1910, hu shi attended the second qualification of heptyl detain American born, of his Alma mater, is the Chinese public school in Shanghai. That same year, the qing government statutory jingxi settled in for the site, the preparatory school. Management of division in the late qing dynasty and the foreign ministry of the minister of the tung in xuantong xinhai (1911) as the tsinghua school wrote names, still hanging from tsinghua school building gate. Throughout the &;

look at history, editorial director of exhibition sun says, if only tsinghua school and tsinghua university graduates are university graduates, the hu shi did not. & other; However, we from tsinghua university as a whole three development stages of tsinghua university graduates, tsinghua precursor preparation in the us this stage must be taken into account. Throughout the &; Sun said, the book & other; Tsinghua university graduates & throughout; This concept is generalized, and the multiple period is closely related to the students, including by tsinghua university for study abroad opportunities and by tsinghua graduates.