Hu shi’s life more than only a wife has a lover’s love for his lifelong not to marry

only a wife, and lover has a lot of


life modern famous scholar and poet, historian, writer and philosopher. By advocating literature revolution and became one of the leaders of the new culture movement. In 1938 was named China’s ambassador to the United States. In 1946, President of Beijing university President. In 1949 the United States, the stranger went to Taiwan later.

classic sayings: & other; Can avoid also can’t think of acacia, acacia bitter. Consider a few times, is willing to acacia bitter. Throughout the &;

& other; Life is meaningless, what you need to be able to give it meaning, it make any sense. Instead what’s the meaning of meditation all the day long life, try to do something meaningful in this lifetime. Throughout the &;

new culture movement of hu shi was awarded a doctorate in 36 all his life, he is very learned, in literature, philosophy, history, textology, pedagogy, ethics, and many other fields have innovated. On February 24, 1962, hu shi died after suffering a heart attack, March 1, symbol of Hu Shishi in Taiwan, sending the elegiac couplet is: & other; New culture of the old model of moral, ethical old model of new ideas. Throughout the &; Hu shi is the radical thought, on the one hand, at the same time, personal and emotional conservative celebrities, but he is definitely a affectionate wit, while only a marriage, women have really many around him.

affectionate wit: bold ideas, behavior and bold

hu shi did not the kui is & other; The old moral models & throughout; In the May 4th sages & other; Points throughout the fire to burn the backyard &; All-around revolution, break the old marriage, he arranged marriage has been very stable, and loving wife & ndash; & ndash; Little woman Jiang Dongxiu grow together, grow old together, this is really not easy.

but at the same time, hu shi was a sentimental wit. In some of the love poems he wrote, the full performance of its graceful and restrained heart. Hu shi had had left a small poem: also can’t think of acacia, can avoid lovesickness bitter. Consider a few times, is willing to acacia bitter.

His action was

youth & other; Bold & throughout; . According to hu shi “hidden CDH room reading notes” records, exciting passerines in 1910, because of all kinds of tragic marriage family, career prospects, hu shi is not playing CARDS is to drink a day, with the player, or a brothel, sometimes emerged from the brothel into another a brothel. Hu shi returned after always, as personable. Class he saw the girl sat near the window, the wind blew in, will be carefully went over to close the window for her. With the girls, he is always talking and laughing, possessing an alert, humor humor and wit. Many girls chase him, sent many letters to dazzle.

who has always been affectionate, in this world is not surprising. Let’s take stock of hu shi lived through six affair, perhaps to the world-famous great scholars can have a more comprehensive understanding.

WeiLian department

first lover, empty waiting life

at Cornell university, hu shi and Cornell professor of geology at the university of Henry & middot; In the neighbourhood WeiLian division. In 1914, hu shi was invited to a wedding party, met the professor’s daughter, home from New York to see his parents WeiLian division. WeiLian six years older than hu shi, they got a very good impression to each other.

in his heart, WeiLian division is an ideal model for new woman: & other; Character is high, the rich knowledge, can thought, noble and pure nearly mad Juan, reading a book, one of the high, if unusual woman could equal & throughout; ; & other; Yu can see women’s more, it can really thought and taste, courage, enthusiasm, the only to the human ear. Throughout the &; His wrote in his diary. They were taking a walk in the month, talk on the lake. WeiLian is art, is the New York school of art, hu shi’s cultural foundation is very thick, so they are talking about art, talking about world affairs, gradually feelings more and more deep.

on June 17, 1914, hu shi graduated from university and a bachelor of arts degree in June 18 WeiLian with hu shi go to church to watch the western wedding, on the way back they discuss the difference of eastern and western family ethics, hu shi’s thought in WeiLian division, under the enlightenment of the big shift. The autumn of 1915, hu shi, transferred to Columbia University with WeiLian company in New York, they often date, often communication, his two short years unexpectedly to WeiLian department more than 100 & other; Love letter & throughout; .

but they were unable to walk into the palace of marriage, the first is that hu shi is engaged with their hometown Jiang Dongxiu, female life difficult violations; Second is the mother of WeiLian department against foreign marriage. At that time the American racial discrimination is serious, the status of Chinese is still very low.

since then, in two letters of hu shi and WeiLian department always. Hu shi as cultural ambassadors were invited to visit France in 1933, the lovers will have the opportunity to be able to spend their honeymoons.//dream to revisit. Mad Juan WeiLian department had to hu shi wrote a passionate love letter: & other; Didn’t think I will love you so much & hellip; & hellip; Hu shi & hellip; & hellip; I adore you more than all men & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; & other; Me whole our tiny bed & hellip; & hellip; I miss your body, I miss you more in the dribs and drabs & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

it was not until 1962, after the death of hu shi WeiLian department did not marry, have been alone with her relationship with hu shi. Hu shi’s death, WeiLian unexpectedly and Jiang Dongxiu became friends, and busy sorting hu shi to her letters, busy for he published fund was established. Nine years later, the empty waiting lifetime WeiLian division on an island alone die, relics are preserved intact in hu shi’s letters and manuscripts.

Chen Hengzhe

half a year time communication 40 confidante

the feelings of hu shi was breaking into another to study in the United States in the world of Chinese woman Chen Hengzhe.

hu shi was a foreign student magazine, Chen Hengzhe contribute to him, and support from the practice of hu shi’s new culture movement. Chen Hengzhe was also wrote many vernacular poems and vernacular Chinese novels, these vernacular works to hu shi found the bosom friend. Hu shi with Chen Hengzhe in just half a year of time pass in his letter. As Chen Hengzhe had dream come true, hu shi had to return home with Jiang Dongxiu do marriage, Chen Hengzhe so helpless, can only get married with others.

later, hu shi for his third daughter named Sophie, and Chen Hengzhe English name in Chinese in the United States.

tong tekong, director of the east Asian YuWenXi, city university of New York, once he attended Columbia University in the 1950 s with hu shi’s history to the hu shi miscellaneous have written exchanges and dialogue. He thinks that the relationship between hu shi and Chen Hengzhe, when with Cao Cheng Britain, WeiLian company.

Chen Hengzhe is hunan HengDong SAN shek wan. His grandfather ChenMei Village is qing jinshi, father served as officials of qing dynasty. She was admitted to tsinghua school students in class 1914, became one of tsinghua entry to public leave a beautiful female college students, is also China’s first in western history, for professional students, the first Chinese vernacular Chinese novelist, China’s first modern literature writer and the first female professor in China. Her late husband Ren Hongjuan is a chemist and educator, xinhai revolution elders, one of the founders of modern science in China, the first principal of sichuan university.