“Huang” forest 20 years to build reputation in a peach blossom island held peach flower festival

jian-yi Chen

a green robe, waist don’t long walk peach blossom island of romance & hellip; & hellip; This is master huang jin yong’s peach blossom island. Over the past 20 years, linquan newchwang countryside villagers jian-yi Chen always dream I can also like huang2 yao4 shi. With such a small island. To this end, near 20 years ago, he began to develop a desert island, digging, planting, afforestation, live in caves, like a wild man spent 15 years life without electricity. Now, under 20 years of business development, linquan Yang Qiao town in the desert island, every spring, peach blossom in full bloom, flowers, attract the guest for an outing, become the desirable & other; Peach blossom island & throughout; .

inappropriate & other; Yuan & throughout; A wish to build a peach blossom island

Yang Qiao town is located in linquan 15 kilometers to the east. In the 1980 s, in order to reduce the flood of natural disaster, the government in the town of Yang Qiao northeast side built island covers an area of 300 mu of water diversion, spring river, stripping, mound linhe around its, relief on the island, is very mountainous.

a few years later, the then linquan newchwang township a village accounting jian-yi Chen with folks here & other; On the river & throughout; , see the water diversion island was deeply attracted. Every night, jian-yi Chen like to stroll along the island alone, looking at the island of undulating terrain and full reeds, of weeds, a whim: jian-yi Chen & other; Modified, here was a real escape! Throughout the &;

& other; Our house, your niang several kind of, I am going to Yang Qiao to develop desert island, and make it a xanadu. Throughout the &; After back home, jian-yi Chen will be a first call to the side, out of ideas. Freaks, family objected to. Because jian-yi Chen is a well-known in the local agricultural, at the time, take the lead of greenhouses is a model of the county economic development greenhouses skeleton, at the same time you also have a agricultural extension service, the average annual income of ten thousand yuan. In the 1980 s, when & other; Yuan & throughout; In rural enough & other; Throughout the standings &; .

cave forest 15 years some lamp life

your family’s opposition, it can’t change jian-yi Chen development of determination of the island. In 1993, he was for the price of RMB $270 yuan a year, in the water diversion on the island of contracting 50 mu of land to grow the apple, the original contract 30 years.

& other; No water, no room, no power, one of weeds how high & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; Jian-yi Chen told reporters, water diversion island have about 3 km from nearby village, a deserted island. In order to drink water, he used a shovel in the floodplain dug a hole two meters across.

as the waste land, fertile land, jian-yi Chen with a hoe busy day and night in the water diversion on the island. When near the village rising smoke, jian-yi Chen will be on the island for two pieces of a larger & other; TuKeLa & throughout; , set up a wok to a genuine & other; Picnic & throughout; . In the evening, he lived in excavation of a cave.

& other; I have been on the island for 15 years life without electricity. Throughout the &; Jian-yi Chen told reporters, because the island far away from the village, power supply department to build power lines. From 1993 to 1993, he has been point diesel oil lamp life on the island. In November 2007, the son of funding, jian-yi Chen raised ten thousand yuan, they have to pull out a power supply circuit.

unshaven and frumpy. First jian-yi Chen, journalists feel he is like a wild time & other; Savage & throughout; . Familiar with his people told reporters that over the past 20 years, jian-yi Chen has been in this way, because all his time in the forest or planting trees & hellip; & hellip;

name outside the government funding for peach flower festival

& other; Over the past 20 years, I spent more than 60, ten thousand yuan, or lose more than 60, ten thousand yuan. Throughout the &; According to jian-yi Chen, 1993, planting apple, on a desert island to relatives and friends to borrow more than ten thousand yuan. To debt collection, creditors have 6 times to the court, & other; Go out to evade debts, and therefore has been detained. Throughout the &; After several years, with the help of a few son, finally pay off the debt. Since then, jian-yi Chen will divert island named & other; Peach blossom island & throughout; .

since 2010, the peach blossom island jian-yi Chen development of local government attention. With the support of government and related departments, form a complete set of the island the toilet facilities such as roads, environmental protection, and held the peach flower festival.

today, peach blossom island attracting guests come. In January, jian-yi Chen once again raised 500000 yuan registered linquan peach blossom island tourism development co., LTD. Elbow song, he plans to rely on carried pavilion Yang Qiao sesame oil, etc., the peach blossom island into a collection of leisure, health, entertainment sightseeing in a body’s comprehensive scenic spot.