Huang2 rong2 prototype is jin yong’s aunt: particularly aggrieed For QiuJinShou tomb

check jade fang is jin yong’s aunt, was also his childhood and boyhood closest to in one’s mind. Jin yong in the “giant” to describe the love simply make the gods cry, it is not so much a martial arts novel, than a love novel. Some people say that the heroine huang2 rong2 have the Hong Kong film and television company take charge of the “Great Wall, jin yong & other; Dreams & throughout; The shadow of the xia, actually also has the shadow of the jade fang.

in the morning on July 15, 1907, a woman deliberately to shaoxing GuXuan pavilion, die game, she was the revolution in our country famous heroine qiu jin, nicknamed the & other; No woman & throughout; . On this day morning, jin yong’s grandfather wen qing muscle Huang Shisheng down a girl, named yu fang, she is the little aunt jin yong.

Louis cha in the aunt home for a long time & other; Leftover women & throughout; Jin yong’s childhood and the aunt is very close.

& other; We have a xia female & throughout;

check jade fang father wen qing jin yong is one of the most revered elders. In the novel of liancheng postscript, jin yong wrote: & other; My grandfather Wen Qinggong (he was & lsquo; Beauty & rsquo; When word generation, but into the study and take exams in & lsquo; Wen qing & rsquo; Cang shan), the name of the word, the hometown elder called him & lsquo; Cang shan & rsquo; Mr. . He actually Yu Yiyou years, c years jinshi of the magistrate of a county, then sent to danyang do. He added TongZhi do magistrate of a county have a result, bit. Soon the famous & lsquo; Danyang lesson plan & rsquo; . Throughout the &;

on April 25, 1891, jiangsu DanYang County graves discovered more than 70 people in France church virgin resin, we didn’t find the church also prepare an orphan, a fire burned down by a mob angered by a Catholic church. At that time, around the struggle against foreign religions invading blustery, shock in one’s hand. Under the pressure of foreign powers, the qing court ready to danyang to burn the church two WeiShouZhe seize in chop, will participate in & other; Trouble & throughout; The 35 people arrested. However, danyang magistrate of a county check wen qing will troublemakers secretly let go, and then quit homecoming.

check jade fang was born, my father is 59 years old, and he resigned at home has been 15 years.

as was the daughter of old come, daught again, check the jade fang grew up in favor and indulge. Youth, how she like the mustang, not tied to its hinges. Wen qing is a theatergoer, listen often theatre with jade fang. Watching the play home, check the jade fang just put his coat to the pants, with bright red blanket around the neck is that cape, then jump down from the quilt crib, mouth & other; Hum and haw hum and haw & throughout; Cried, with a brother of the wooden sword, plausibly to performing martial arts on the kang. The adults look at her with a smile, say the girl is not like a woman, like a man.

slightly larger, particularly aggrieed jade fang. Once a snowball fight in winter, a neighbor sister by several boys around crying, she help, a slap up to one of the boys. The boy is not weakness, as a result, two people fighting together, pull hair, face, kicks and blows. After a while, the boy was found jade fang fell dog face, mouth is blood, a front teeth also knock off. Check jade fang came back home, father check wen qing did not spare her, let her to apologize to the door to the somebody else, have 3 days off her confinement.

check jade fang be fond of sword, often several classical sword action. Looking at a pair of the appearance of Lin biao, her mother asked her what to do in the future, she said seriously, & other; I’m going to make, kill the bad guys! Throughout the &;

the mother said to check wen qing, & other; You see, we have a xia female! Throughout the &;

for QiuJinShou tomb

check jade fang at the age of 16, his father died, my mother is ill, eldest brother and second brother has been in the outside, but a mother of three elder brother ZhaMaoZhong (jin yong’s father) is her closest people. One day, three elder brother ZhaMaoZhong into the sister of the boudoir, see the head on the wall hangs a qiu jin hand on the sword body photos, spirited, commanding, frighten him good half-day speechless & ndash; & ndash; Qiu jin is the government cut the head of the revolutionary party. Check jade fang for three elder brother to have a closer look, three elder brother takes a look, turned out to be a little younger sister cha yu fang after & other models; No woman & throughout; Qiu jin’s dress and gestures.

ZhaMaoZhong in shock, the younger sister’s picture had hid, telling her: & other; This is to slaughter, not! Throughout the &;

three elder brother don’t know, check the jade fang is closely associate with revolutionary? In the spring of 1927, jade fang came across a magazine, published by the jiangsu province museum with south club woman poet from huawei to commemorate xu qiu jin, and poetry. Learned that Xu Zihua is a close friend of qiu jin, cha yu fang ask her dwellings, specially to visit Shanghai JingXiong girls’ school.

check jade fang although smaller than Xu Zihua 34, two people but with sister, in poetry responsory, become a best friend who never turns his back upon us. Aggregates shu Xu Zihua word for nearby shek mun. Founded in the spring of 1906 south alone but squire alone but girls’ schools, Xu Zihua was hired as the principal. In qiu jin returned from Japan to girls’ schools teach alone but creek, the two women. In the meantime, the younger sister in Xu Zihua Xu Xiaoshu all-female academies are alone but creek, become qiu jin’s proudest female disciple. Hsu sister by qiu jin is introduced later joined the union. Qiu jin ability after Xu Zihua grief-stricken, wrote “cry no woman, 12, and launched in feng Lin temple symbol of qiu jin, qiu jin burial in go on bridge. After the meeting, Chen to disease, such as ChuFu into people meet secret autumn club established, Xu Zihua pushed for President, decided to qiu jin martyrdom day held a memorial service every year. Check jade fang told of the identity of the Xu Zihua, admire, often go to Shanghai or go to hide from your family or shimen to find her, often a woman party and the poet set, met that absorbs many woman and woman poet. Check jade fang claim & other; Cold plum woman & throughout; , the photos of suit qiu jin, is her at this time.

in the autumn of 1927, jade fang to meet Xu Zihua and reach phoenix mountain, the wind and rain pavilion mourn qiu jin. 20 years after the death of as qiu jin, qiu jin tomb after several migration finally also buried the west lake was buried. Xu Zihua will take over Shanghai to QiuJinZhi female Wang Canzhi JingXiong girls’ school, meet jade fang moved to hangzhou west lake autumn club together, preparing the commemorative activities. Check jade fang along with Ben Xu Zihua elder sister here company with qiu jin tomb day and night, because the elder brother of the three ZhaMaoZhong fierce, she is reluctant to leave after QiuJinShou tomb and a half months.

under the influence of jin yong in her crush on martial arts

20 years old old woman called & other; Plum throughout time &; , it was the age of marriage, many women at this age children already when the mother, however, jade fang, 24, who is not. Third brother ZhaMaoZhong most close with the younger sister, hope she stay at home a few years more, also don’t try so hard to sister married, let her do & other; Leftover women & throughout; .