Huangdi zhuxue exaggerated worship of sex: can “powersun up failure” can lick in hand

Lin yutang once said: & other; Foot-binding representative throughout the natural existence of consciousness. Throughout the &; Author of “Chinese erotic high lopez in the book also said: & other; The center of the foot is sexy women, in the Chinese sex plays an extremely important role. Throughout the &;

the foot in the position and role of sex life, actually in earlier when they’ve had a the ancients exploration and practice. In the ancient people’s aesthetic view, is a very sexy, huangdi zhuxue can stimulate their desire. Qing li ju-chen said in “jinghuayuan” & other; Foot-binding and made her have what different? Throughout the &; For one thousand years, huangdi zhuxue and Chinese sex, have unusual relationship. The ancients to & other; Huangdi zhuxue & throughout; The obsession with modern wonder.

is huangdi zhuxue foot-binding to tie up. According to the general, bound feet first began in 969-975 south down li yu in the period of the tragedy of the poet king a concubine is unique, the feet bound with silks ChengXinYue shape in tropaeolum dance to please the emperor. Later the idea spread to folk, bound feet wind gradually spread to the people. But there are also people who believe that as early as in 770-770 BC during the warring states period, had bound feet.

women’s foot-binding culture in qing dynasty and achieved. The qing rulers against han Chinese women’s foot-binding, three years of kangxi, emperor kangxi had banned, offenders take their parents’ commands. But the ban issued only four years was forced to withdraw. Such not only that, the woman began to imitation. The emperor shunzhi had issued & other; Have to foot-binding woman into the palace to cut & throughout; Ban, also did not have effect.

the admiration of huangdi zhuxue also reflected in many literary works, such as “serial” in many of the chapters are portrays women’s bound feet, huangdi zhuxue as beautiful. Even, the qing dynasty and a self-described & other; Dr Fragrant lotus & throughout; Literati of the ribbon, wrote an article entitled “the fragrant lotus charactor, the foot is divided into five type do 18 kinds.

a pair of golden lotus is an enviably stable? The most widespread tactic for Chinese globeflower seven words & other; Thin, small, sharp, curved, sweet, soft, positive & throughout; . Qing li dai li weng has fragrant lotus three expensive & other; Fat, show, soft & throughout; Standard; The ribbon in the fragrant lotus charactor listed in the golden lotus 36 g & other Right round straight and narrow curved fiber, said light, comfortable yan mei, rhyme colourful weak thin, full figure making embellish our whole, soft strength wenwu, cool and free and natural, clean park qiao & throughout; . Republic of pottery to addiction, the picking lotus “with & other Little thin soft said short narrow BoRui straight throughout the &; To evaluate and YanXian “small enough to talk about” think & other; Small sweet soft tip, light is bent, has just made low temperature, steady throughout the folding of the well dry & jade; .

although men to be fond of of huangdi zhuxue standard is different, but the ancient women’s bound feet, creating custom of huangdi zhuxue rise is said to be embarrassed by the men, that there are common, according to historical records, since the song dynasty, was popular among many brothels feast on a & other; Throughout the wine &; Game, from beginning to end is a prostitute feet and their feet shoes, even the client put glass in the prostitute feet shoes to deliver, wine and alcohol. Estimation and modern popular & other; Throughout the human body feast &; .

is more unique, the six dynasties novel “swallow gaiden from time to tome, which record: & other; Han emperor to disease, Yin was weak not strong hair, each holding based, be to desire, to do violence throughout the &; . Said to the emperor in his later years because of too much sex, suffering from energy loss, impotence. But every time I see zhao swallow sister and feet, then suddenly full vitality, passionate desire. Zhao swallow feet also described & other For ZhangShangWu & throughout; And we haven’t a pair of golden man a big hand. Small foot is said to have the function of the vibration actinolite failure, the ancients worship of huangdi zhuxue is not generally high.

dai li weng li who was opposed to women’s foot-binding, but also made clear that foot binding, in addition to being a man is to love and fondle, at the same time also have sex role.

huangdi zhuxue what specific skills in sexual life? Predecessors’ play the lotus, not only has a variety of holding lotus posture, such as: is resting, the grip, inverse the grip, grip, grip, side grip, oblique grip, vertical grip, lateral grip, hold before and after the hand grip, etc. And according to relevant historical records, also special widely, the application scope of huangdi zhuxue skills but also to name but a few, such as the application in & other; Food & throughout; Aspects, can be in a deep gorge five fingers bend, food into the melon seeds and raisins, men with his tongue to lick, this is a kind of excitant excited romp.

in & other; Bearing & throughout; Aspects, that is, is to put the feet, knees, and on the cheek respectively fondle on the penis, so as to improve sexual desire. & other; Suspension & throughout; , it is the women’s foot-binding cloth, then use the cloth to women’s feet down on the bed, to enhance sexual desire. & other; Catch & throughout; That is, women’s feet, will be on the man’s feet, and then gradually raised. & other; Carry & throughout; Is to the woman held feet tightly in his chest. & other; Throughout the &; Is the girl’s feet as car handle, push hands grip into a cart. & other; Pick & throughout; Is the woman’s foot of sexual action on men’s shoulders. Put one foot in the man’s shoulder movements, has been reported to occur in the book “hole xuan son”, and is willing to use by many men.

in addition, use your tongue and teeth have & other Sucking & throughout; And & other Lick & throughout; . The former is a man, like a sucking milk with the mouth suck little lotus tip; & other; Lick & throughout; Kiss is the foot sole. & other; Tooth & throughout; Is gently bite lotus; & other; Bite & throughout; Is a hard bite your toes.

described in “jin ping mei”, the west door celebrate with three fingers, fingers enjoying the lotus of pan gold toe, this call & other; Twist & throughout; . Joined hands grip & other; Hold & throughout; And & other; Kneading & throughout; , thumb scratching the bottom of the foot pedal call & other; Scratch & throughout; . Middle finger into a deep ditch between the toes, gently friction & other; Control & throughout; .

& other; Foot-binding, pair of tears throughout a cylinder &; , & other; Huangdi zhuxue & throughout; Name is elegant, but it is a girl with tears at the expense of the health. Was lucky that the modern woman, finally no longer affected by this sin. (heavy jump Chinese experts blog posts)