Huangpu revolution era women: period of mother and daughter the same entrance (figure) with short hair

1927 & other; 38 & throughout; International women’s day on the eve of the whampoa military academy girl group photo

in the winter of 1926, huangpu military academy, wuhan campus for the first recruit women, women to open China’s military organizational system. Around 213 women enrolled, become the era’s most striking a special group. Even in Moscow, will they take snapshot to himself as a souvenir. Few people know about the woman can be a soldier, in guangzhou at that time, there have been a dispute. Also very few people remember, this batch of women, breaking out in the revolution of the writing out of the pioneers of legendary life. Whampoa military academy history expert at the guangdong provincial party committee party school, professor Ceng Qingliu for journalists reveal their army life a lot of unknown things. This group of women walk in front of age, compared with today’s women, even live more willfulness and bright.

whampoa military academy in wuhan for women, made public opinion to guangzhou first

the winter of 1926, hutong lively abnormal level Wu Changdou camp, because it is from the “breaking news: whampoa military academy, wuhan branch to recruit female students!

at this time of the northern expeditionary army sweeping conquer wuhan, huangpu military academy, wuhan branch began to recruit students, soon decided to recruit female students. Whampoa military academy history expert, guangdong provincial party committee party school professor Ceng Qingliu tells a reporter, “this was the first time in the history of China, opened China’s first female troop.

according to the Ceng Qingliu study, although in wuhan for women, but to recruit women made public opinion, is actually in guangzhou.

1925 & other; 38 & throughout; International women’s day, do it in guangzhou huangpu military academy in the journal of Chinese soldiers, published a man named & other; HongJun & throughout; The female authors & ndash; & ndash; The servicemen and women. From ancient Mediterranean HongJun gram lu island female knight, and other all the way when it comes to their European campaign Slim and not only engaged in the cause of women, armed with the person that is engaged in the battleground matches throughout the &; . Very little information about HongJun this man, probably can judge that she is the person who studied abroad. HongJun himself in the article mentioned: & other; We live together close comrade, namely the female red army. Throughout the &;

li wrote to support women join the army

more direct discussion, it is also published in the journal Chinese soldiers of li article the problem of army officer school for girls, guangxi woman Jin Shuhui spoke a few times to request to enter oneself for an examination of the whampoa military academy. Li is the leading role of zhongshan cheonan tragedy soon, at this point in his article will recruit girls problems carrying out open to debate.

Jin Shuhui family circumstances is good, in the family and the kuomintang (KMT), the upper some contacts, I am thammasat university graduate. Asked to enter oneself for an examination in 1925, she came to guangzhou huangpu military academy & ndash; & ndash; Wrote to liao zhongkai and received no reply; See to the whampoa military academy & other President jiang & throughout; , also didn’t see; She also went to see Mrs Liao zhongkai he xiangning, Mrs Liao think it is hard to do it; After back to guangxi, unwilling Jin Shuhui and whampoa military academy to book the desire of the political department of the state achieved, whampoa political sympathy to her request, & other; Week special issue for lesbian army special issue thought advocated. Throughout the &; A stone up, opposition over. A signed & other; Advice & throughout; Mr See comments on the issue, on the guangzhou republic daily post, & other; China has forty thousand compatriots, even if half of women, there are twenty thousand men. Chosen from among the twenty thousand men, two million best soldier is enough, why let natural weak woman join? Throughout the &; And in a pile of man in the women, management is not good, I’m afraid will be a lot of mess. Jiajun criticism in the articles & other; Advice & throughout; The logic.

liao zhongkai initial fear of comedy tends

liao zhongkai li long looking for a chance to see himself, mention it in person. At that time, liao zhongkai’s first reaction is, if recruit girls, & other; Only everyday throughout the opportunity & comedy; . Soviet advisers, Mr Rove also present at that time, liao zhongkai and debate. Debate for a while, Mr. Liao changed position: & other From school students don’t know how many people actually against men and women, now won’t be a problem, as long as the woman body strong, can eat, I also agree. Throughout the &; , Mr Rove’s wife is also whampoa female consultant, she in the former Soviet union staff graduated from university, her a feats in the revolutionary war. Li seems to please Mrs Rove coming out. Mr Rove said lady, & other; The politics of the Chinese kuomintang not regulations on education, women should be equal with men? For military education alone does not equal? Throughout the &;

women first point 213

the hype of guangzhou, eventually led to the announcement of the huangpu military academy, wuhan branch recruit women. Didn’t expect the announcement, around the female youth to enter oneself for an examination to a surprising degree. Original plan only recruits 100 girls, but because too much in enter oneself for an examination, the school the last actual enrollment of 195 people, the actual entrance, 183; South lake learn a corps of the girl into after a few months, the number of expanded to 213 people. Is the same with women soldiers native place and the number of people in sichuan. This batch of female students are generally of medium or medium above education. Among them, & other; Chen Tanqiu, dong education and influence of hubei province with this woman normal and as President of hunan rice paddies normal school teachers and students will have 50 people, nearly 30% of the total. Throughout the &;

the students there were relations between mother and daughter, sister, or even period. Unmarried majority, also some married and even have a child. Later the famous virgin, red army martyrs gang, is one of the women in the military academy have children at that time. For revolution, she resolutely choose to temporarily put aside family and loved ones. Later in the underground work and leadership of shanxi linfen Wang Yixia anti-japan war.their movement is holding the children to form, admission after she refused to the Catholic church for adoption, the child and the child in foster care in a YangCheFu home, because she thinks & other; Mother took part in the revolutionary army, but the child & lsquo; To god & rsquo; Throughout the &; Is a ridiculous thing that is not acceptable. Women have a runaway and refuse to marry experienced players in much more special. Xie Bingying later became a famous writer, is a runaway; Wife, jay huang, was also refuse to marry leave wuhan into the whampoa military academy.