Hubei coal miners turns into a tomb raiders A true professional “grave notes”

a gunshot, xiangyang city, hubei province

crime reason: people found selling of kimchi is abnormal

due to idle to nothing, a coal miners turns into a tomb raiders dengfeng city of henan province. Via a dynasty tombs in hubei xiangyang, the worker from experience judge uplift topped place for ancient tombs, so called villagers start together & other Grave every corner & throughout; .

recently, xiangyang city, hubei province high-tech police regiment mountain police arrested two suspects suspected of robbing ancient tombs. Criminal suspects tomb-raiding technique professional degree, let the police wonder for real-life & other; Grave notes & throughout; .

change door window renters too suspicious

xiangyang city high-tech zone group hills 401 factory is located in the urban slums, where back on farmland, few outsiders.

on February 24, two henan dengfeng accent of middle-aged men came to the 401 factory, citing business rent two bungalow. Two men first bought a lot of cabbage and then bought a brand-new electric tricycle.

move above two middle-aged men, are living in a house they rent a room less than 15 meters from the guo lady see in the eye. Ms. Guo to the two men also inquire about doing business, get reply is: & other; Sell pickles & throughout; .

however, two middle-aged man then action, let Ms. Guo suspicious. A few days later, they change the about the door wide and become to two doors, then seal up the Windows.

more let Ms. Guo of rental housing closed all day, the tenant to go out occasionally and in the afternoon, is carrying a bag of steamed bun back to the house, more strange move some do not conform to the law of normal life daily life.

no idea of Ms. Guo to the police. Police station received a call, xiangyang high branch mountain to plant 401 community police conducted investigations, but several people say do not know, rent the tenant’s also don’t know what two people in the house is engaged in the activities.

rental in what’s going on? The two men why don’t you contact with people around? What they are to avoid? The police decided to conduct a raid.

police raiding the open grave robbery case

& other; Police comrade, I’m here making kimchi. Throughout the &;

15 PM on February 28th, eyeing a man want to go out, three policemen pushed the door and enter. Before the police asked, are thinking of men hurried back, go out raises his voice shouted to another man in the room.

see the man’s panic, combining MoPai visit for a few days, the police are strengthened in this room there must be some tricks of judgment.

the police immediately into the back room. The room, also a middle-aged man standing in the middle of the room is cold, more than a dozen square meters of housing the ground covered with a piece of a few square feet of wood, the wood still remain some fresh soil.

said, civilian police yellow lively step to uncover board, suddenly found a lurks a tunnel. Tunnel more than three meters off the ground, black goodness inside, from to the point of view, is the gateway to house a big mound.

two people really want to do? The question until xiangyang city archaeological experts arrived on the scene to solve.

xiangyang city, archaeology, director Chen must introduce, the mound after the rental housing, is the tomb of the eastern zhou period nobility, named & other; Throughout 401, otsuka &; , belongs to the provincial cultural relics protection units. 2007 the xiangfan historical and cultural city protection planning, will also clear & other; Throughout 401, otsuka &; As underground cultural relics protection units.

when looking at the scene, Chen must say, grave man ‘methods more professional, choose site also relatively hidden, should after precise planning in advance; About 10 meters long tunnels, no harm to otsuka, but if found half a month later, otsuka may suffer.

Constitute a breach of cultural relics management

for suspected crimes, xiangyang police criminal detention will be two men.

suspect claimed to mine workers

after the interrogation, the two criminal suspects from dengfeng city of henan province, any one is the mastermind of the 45, the 33-year-old Yuan Mou is to assist.

as a replacement, he was a coal miner, dengfeng coal resources over the past two years, with strict management, only two months each year, around the time he set out to work. On 13 February this year, he sat on his way to xiangyang, found that 401 of the road there is a mound, because usually like to watch the exploration & middot; discovery, lenovo to the tomb in the program.

after the judgment for the tomb, a shout to fellow Yuan Mou, first rented a house near the tomb, then buy electric tricycle, hammers, shovels and spades and searchlights tools, started playing pit grave, foreign sold kimchi for cover.

according to one account, to prevent was found, they more than nine in the evening every day began to dig, dig until left carnegy about the next day.

police bulletin said, at present the criminal gangs and three accomplices in flight, the police will further intensify chase.