Hubei reweave compendium of materia medica experts said the urine has curative effect

widow bed dust can be used as a medicine, lead powder, non-toxic, the leaf from the wild & ndash; & ndash; These are the medicine in the classical compendium of materia medica. And these claims, it seems, is not suitable, does not apply, not exactly, not science.

modern TCM tells us that the dust as a medicine, in clinic will not use; Toxic lead oxide; The leaf has the large-scale cultivation of without travelling.

recently, “the new compendium of materia medica” editorial will in & other; Medical sage & throughout; Li shizhen’s hometown of huanggang qichun county. Hubei province traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) industry technology innovation strategic alliance of more than 70 experts, will be standing in a new point of view the new compendium of materia medica, the 1892 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), more than 11000 prescriptions & other All men are mortal & throughout; To explore clearly.

the alliance director, vice principal of hubei university of Chinese medicine, editor of professor wang ping, & other; Days throughout the first pharmacopoeia &; , & other In ancient China encyclopedia & throughout; Compendium of materia medica published more than 400 years, more than about 150 version published in succession. Most of these later versions on the basis of original resharpen, recreate, revising. Hubei as the hometown of li shizhen, modern traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese materia medica which runs through the relevant research results, the organic combination of modern research results and original, fill in the blanks; Try to make this new scholars often read textbooks, provide relevant knowledge for patients and amateurs.

wang ping, beginning in 2010, led by hubei university of Chinese medicine, wuhan university, huazhong university of science and technology, central south university for nationalities, hubei academy of agricultural sciences institute of traditional Chinese medicine, li shizhen medicine group, jiuzhou pharmaceutical companies and other 34 units to work together, for the province of compiling the work of more than 600 words. Has now completed 80% of the first draft, in the second half of 2013 is expected to be published.

according to introducing, through the new implementation of the catalog of national essential drugs, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) varieties accounted for about 40%. But the complexity of the traditional Chinese medicine because of its composition, composition and the evaluation result of not accuracy, in global influence is still limited.

the experts the detailed subdivision, in the process of compiling repeated examination and approval, to get rid of the mystery on the basis of respecting the original, for after hundreds of years of the Chinese medicine to find their location. So far the United States, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong scholars expressed strong interest, after the completion of the first draft of the national and overseas Chinese medicine experts will be invited to review.


reporter learned that the new compendium of materia medica “, there is quite a story.

low tisanes water up to 43

tisanes water and water is one of the factors influencing the clinical curative effect of traditional Chinese medicine. The ancients tisanes have a good study of water.

the posterity see a dream of red mansions came to know that the rain and dew, dew, etc can be used as a medicine, the food, feel incredible. Actually, “compendium of materia medica” records tisanes water up to 43, eye-opening. Such as rain, ground water, spring water, house is leaking, thousands of miles of water, the new pumping, water in the water in the tumulus, rutting, what dripping water, water in the pig slot, etc.

the ancients will refine these, such as bile salt water can treat cervical fistula (neck lymphatic tuberculosis), well water except the halitosis, the slurry water can detoxify, house water used to wash the dog bite wound, etc.

but today, these are not commonly used type. Experts said the doubt for research.

low the urine does effect

in the compendium of materia medica is the modern people more controversy & other; People throughout department &; . Li shizhen thinks, & other; Bones and flesh, bravery, blood & throughout; Medicine, & other; What zai goes throughout the &; . But he did not deny these is medicine.

compendium of materia medica of the communist party of China listed medicine 37 species, including bun, head of scale, onyx, urine, milk, sweat, tears, popularity, one cell, afterbirth water, neonatal umbilical cord, etc.

in the compendium of materia medica scales drugs for head scales, ear wax, knee scale, teeth tartar. Expert introduction, at present these are not used in the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine; But will retain the original commentary, slightly.

compendium of materia medica & other; People throughout department &; There are & other; Cycle of wine & throughout; Human urine. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, children’s urine cup head pain can be cured. In reality, the women in the postnatal taking biochemical soup from angelica sinensis, rhizoma ligustici wallichii, peach kernel, liquorice, cannon of ginger, rice wine, the urine, have curative effect.

low countries have banned tiger leopard bone

expert introduction, horn, tiger, leopard bone has the effect of relaxing tendons, medicinal value by academic affirmation, but out of humanitarian and ecological considerations, such as countries have banned to use. The ban will be added to the new compendium of materia medica.

(reporter angel lee correspondent stone and yuan Xia Jing)