Huizhou intends to throw 2 billion repeat bound swallow ancient restore 60 to 100 tombs (FIG.)

& uarr; Transverse ridge tomb site unearthed relics

& larr; The transverse ridge mountain tomb sites

12 years ago, dig out more than 300 of boluo county of huizhou of zhou dynasty tomb, shocked the archaeology, was named one of the top ten archaeological discoveries of the year. This, however, hundreds of ancient grave sites soon be destroyed by the construction of highway. Now boluo county planning and construction & other; Bound swallow ancient culture throughout the grand view garden &; And restore but be incorporated into planning category. On October 12, the investment of 2 billion yuan by boluo county planning committee review, how the grand view garden on earth should be built, however, there are still differences.


transverse ridge mountain tomb implied trace noble

recently, boluo county, curator of the museum of the original culture bureau deputy director, yellow lining to the yangcheng evening news reporter disclosed that year boluo county warring states tomb complex. The ceremony, said huang in 1999 guang hui highway along the archaeological investigation, exploration, it found that the transverse ridge mountain sites. Start in February 2000 by the archaeological institute of guangdong province disentombs organization. Until the end of October the same year, excavated area of 8500 square meters, dig out more than 300 tomb complex of the western zhou dynasty to the spring and autumn period. Experts argue that the 2500 – year – old to 3000 years of the existence of large but prove that there will be a large-scale ancient people living around it. At that, the legendary ancient could swallow nearby.

transverse ridge mountain at the time of the ancient tomb, unearthed a large number of fine pottery, bronze wares and jade products. Especially YongZhong crystal bracelets, copper and bronze tripod, shows the noble meteorological, shows only the royal noble some & other; Luxurious life & throughout; The existence of. Two bells unearthed here, its texture and morphology, and the chimes is roughly similar, the pattern is different, here has a high level of production technology, the degree of civilization and the central plains. The physical findings, break & other; Lingnan no Bronze Age & throughout; The claim. This is nearly 50 years of major cultural relics found in guangdong province, rewrite the civilization of the entire south China, offers a new understanding, and thus was named one of China top ten archaeological discoveries in 2000.