Human is expected to travel on the “flying carpet” American graduate students make mini (FIG.)

manned flying carpet or future can come true

flying carpet was just in the story, but recently by a graduate student in the United States into reality. Of Princeton university, Noah & middot; Mr Ferris, made a 4 inches in length plastic mini flying carpet. It depends on the current wave can drive balloon flight on the same plane, but in the short term it is impossible to make soar or subduction of difficult moves, it can only achieve a desciption of cm. Because flying carpet is dependent on the ground between the air group and dangling or mobile, so only low altitude. Team’s chair, professor said this project is also facing many challenges, the most difficult is to control the flight of deformation of the flying carpet, because it is unable to predict how it will deformation, it is difficult to enter the new current to adjust the flight.