Human “man-eating” for a good reason: to survive For the propensity for habits (FIG.)

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& other; Mad men & throughout; Bokassa accused of cannibalism, in its rule during 1986 to 1987, the central African republic absentia bokassa, a former chef said in court to testify, even bokassa ordered will be cut into meat, political opposition figures make pancakes for his food. Say no is confirmed, but & other; Eat people & throughout; Indeed quite & other; Abnormal & throughout; And there is no doubt about it.

view, ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign & other; Cannibals & throughout; History almost as long as human civilization, and not far away from us. Official wild smell from Greek mythology to China, from the “water margin”, “journey to the west” to Shakespeare’s play “Titus & middot; Ann” knicks “, the story of people eat people everywhere. In addition to the need of the abnormal psychological work or live, people eat people actually there are many amazing people.

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in 1921, antell gave birth to the earth is given to the investigation to the chariot neolithic site, has put forward the ancients of cannibalism in China customs. In the early 1940 s, Wei Duiduan had exactly that Peking man had similar food waste. Have unearthed more than 40 individual Peking man, from age 10 to 50 s and 60 s, the trace of the skull almost all have been hit, brains, after death is feeding.

why did humans on earth will eat & other; One of their own & throughout; , the expert to analyze its reason has two kinds of survival and habits. Of course, some rare now & other; Ogre & throughout; To be a different matter.

for survival man-eating

war years old, the years of famine and often, people to eat, survive, cannibalism is not unusual.

there are a number of related records in history books. Such as shiji and History As A Mirror, is often visible & other; People eat & throughout; , & other Throughout her meat &; Such words. Bai juyi had for & other; A drought is old jiangnan, quzhou person cannibalism & throughout; Being controlled.

the Crusades, the Soviet union in the great famine, people eat people have happened.

in many accidents, the lucky survivors in the process of waiting for search and rescue, could also become others’ menu. In 1820, Essex, bumped into by the sperm whales in the Pacific Ocean, the surviving crew was eating fellow prisoner died of starvation and disease. Herman & middot; Melville according to this record has created a novel moby-dick, was later made into a film. Another movie “while party” is adapted from the true story of the United States in 1846, about a team to the California gold rush was trapped, after eat cattle, dog, animal skins and a blanket, have to survive by eating dead partner. & other; While gathering & throughout; Also known as the most bloody cannibalism events in American history.

cannibalism, for survival is a human instinct, but this kind of behavior is still blame.