“Humble abode” in Hong Kong and Taiwan chord: house more than the mainland have a problem

a long time, the state administration of radio, film and encouraged domestic movies and TV programs to overseas boldly & other; Go out & throughout; , but for various reasons, a few years ago the effect is not obvious, in recent years, the domestic film and television program to explore out a & other; Go out & throughout; A new way. Yesterday, the reporter interviewed Shanghai (SMG) is responsible for overseas copyright output of five international department director Qin Ying shore transmission company. Last year, according to her introduction, SMG alone outside to output the copyright 13272.94 hours, compared with growth of about 15% in 2010, the introduction of the output ratio of 1:1. 74, implements the copyright trade surplus, effectively enhance the competitiveness of the Chinese copyright products in the international market.

status: from corresponded to collect money

SMG Li Yi, associate director of the English channel is a senior media person, he is witness to the Chinese film and television play and show how the decade & other; Go out & throughout; . He said, was to introduce China to the world, all the provinces and cities have heralded indicators, however, due to China’s production program level is low, the concept of Chinese and foreign programs, difference is bigger, in order to let the foreign media broadcast program from China, but need to pay a fee to the other party, and through this platform also is not the mainstream television broadcast channels. With the gradual strengthening of opening to the outside world, the domestic television finally cooperate with foreign mainstream TV and began to provide free programs, and other In 1996, CNN has set up a world report column, the idea from the perspective of journalists from all over the world news events, columns for film to more than 200 countries and regions, will be held every year awards conference, SMG provide film won the award three times. Throughout the &;

but content and program input and output & other; Treatment & throughout; Different & ndash; & ndash; Introduction of drama and introducing programs broadcast will be at home to dub, and output is directly provide domestic foreign language programs. More recently, as the domestic program quality, domestic television gradually produces the copyright consciousness, no longer free to export, and overseas sales model is becoming more and more mature.

form there are a lot of sales model, according to the spread of the five shore Qin Ying is introduced, in addition to simple copyright output, the whole channel abroad landing and television channel time are copyright output in a new way of cooperation. She said SMG’s new entertainment online by daily throughout the year by 3 stations such as Los Angeles and New York wireless public signal, respectively covers the Chinese east coast of America’s most concentrated urban community. At the same time, with the aid of network transmission technology, make more than 70% of American Chinese family can get the show on the same day. SMG first finance and economics channel since 2008 by the Hong Kong PCCW’s NowTV338 band in Hong Kong. Through NowTV “first finance and economics” in Hong Kong all day playing 20 hours 45 minutes. Since 2009, five shore real English channel transmission also hand In hand with the Singapore media can more TV programs In project (MCC) signed a cooperation agreement, the integrated optimization of the existing resources In the Chinese market, it is custom designed for the international market English program “ChinaTrend (Chinese)”, “the Foreigners Living In China (a foreigner In China), and spread by five shore and real media worldwide common issue, for effective implementation & other; For the market and production throughout the &; And & other Culture go out & throughout; Opened up a new model of cooperation.

mode: & other; To take out & throughout;

the Chinese film and television program & other; Go out & throughout; To explore a new development direction, the TV programs adopted & other To take out & throughout; The strategy of high-profile. Li Yi is introduced, the foreign language channel produced three quarters the sprint! China is the introduction of Disney’s “amazing race” program mode, after the local packaging in China, and then again with Disney’s sales abroad, the present result is ideal, the overseas several television stations broadcast the Chinese version, the influence is very big, finally walk outside a circle, also attracted the attention of CCTV, and from the aspects of Disney bought sprint! China broadcast rights, broadcast on CCTV 9. In addition, Qin Ying also revealed & other; Talent & throughout; Series after landing in China, the proprietors of “China’s got talent” in the first quarter sales to Singapore, in the local cause very high ratings, immediately introduced in the second quarter.

in addition to the introduction of copyright and fall to the ground for a second copyright sales this model, the domestic teleplays overseas sales have also changed. According to incomplete statistics, in 2011 China’s exports show 11000 hours (department, set), exports of $12 million. In overseas sales program, film and television play the highest prices, the largest contribution to revenue.

in the past are costume dramas popular with overseas distributors, in 2009 the new “three kingdoms”, sold more than 100 countries copyright issue overseas more than 340 million yuan, is the best Chinese TV play so far foreign sales. But Qin Ying tells a reporter, overseas markets in recent years, more and more favor domestic modern drama, including urban drama, family ethical play, drama, began the turning from “the humble abode”, & other; “The humble abode” caused a great deal of resonance in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Overseas buyers now will be offered to buy this kind of subject matter, this is because the play show the intergenerational communication, house problems, emotional problems, not only on the mainland, they have there. Throughout the &; In addition, the “cumulative single set sales topped $10000 in 2010; “Naked marriage age” has completed the first round of promotion and signing, sold to the United States, Malaysia and Vietnam and other countries and regions; Daughter-in-law good times but also exported to Tanzania, Africa, and also be zhongtian TV in Taiwan last year with the mainland drama & hellip; & hellip; Single set prices, costume piece price of $10000 to $30000, while the modern drama, the unit price of $05000 to $10000, also there are some difference between the price, but the gap is narrowing.

reference: han marketing mode

although China TV dramas and programs & other Go out & throughout; Has made some achievements, but there are a lot of room to improve. Taiwan eight station project deputy Lai Cong pen in an interview with reporters, domestic drama can learn Korean first overseas marketing mode, Korean dramas is given priority to with the market at the time, don’t care what are the charges for copyright, and other When he talk to you at the beginning, one set is $1000, take your pick. Wait until after you broadcast ratings, market, he will adjust the price. He put the way used in Asian countries do marketing, wait until three years after the mature, all aspects and spread to Europe and the United States. Throughout the &; Lai Cong pen also introduces, South Korea to play “dae jang geum” in India, even by ambassador to India to find local television stations broadcast “dae jang geum” free of charge.

co-sponsored by the film and television general manager in accordance with the fang zhao, when & other Hallyu & throughout; Heyday, many Korean dramas in order to adapt to Chinese audience like to watch & other; Happy & throughout; Ending the audience psychology, and specially filmed two endings, make their products & other; Marketable & throughout; . Guided by the market and the audience of such practice, is the domestic film and television play in & other Go out & throughout; To learn from. For foreign audience viewing habits, co-sponsored by ratings good TV series is specially made to clip part, in the form of a film for the European and American markets, overseas Chinese market movie channel, etc.