“Humble abode” writers revealing a small three back: he loves me more than you

face & other; Small three & throughout; Threats, first, to support her husband.

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report from our correspondent (reporter) yesterday afternoon, the double-sided adhesive “humble abode” screenplay, on twitter revealing encounter & other; Small three & throughout; Has five years, and repeating several microblogging to the named & other; ICE LEE” The & other; Small three & throughout; A declaration of war: & other; I hope you can accept this reality: he loves me more than you. I don’t allow you to hurt him! Throughout the &; Reporters on the matter later call, said she is unwilling to accept any interview.

& other; Small three & throughout; : threatened to report?

: thank you for the past five years to the child’s father to take care of

according to the fact of the yesterday afternoon in weibo, third party ICE LEE claims that the husband has been dating for five years and the, the ICE is miss LEE send text messages to in the past year and a half, on the phone, and threatens the’s husband, to put the CARDS on the contact details of two people, even posted to the web. The & other; Proactive & throughout; , every song words the ICE miss LEE, & other; Actually you notification message with me, in the past four nights and I accidentally pa (note: six and husband son called & other; I have & throughout;) Has been discussed. We review the past 23 years of long life experience together, each other more determined want to spend the rest of the time together. Throughout the &; Language also very atmosphere with politely send words to each other: & other; I thank you in the past five years the dual daddy’s love and care. Also hope you can accept this reality: he loves me more than you. Throughout the &;

husband: silent

wife: the older the more can accept not perfect human nature

of atmospheric and small three high-profile showdown speech, netizen speculation of mouth & other; ICE to miss LEE & throughout; Who is really, big’s & other; Domineering, huotang legally van & throughout; That & other; Write snail house woman, to defeat the small three! Throughout the &; Called & other; @ yao grass green & throughout; Net friend message to: & other; Don’t know why I see this let me think before you send weibo, warmth and affection show will also have a sad inside? Throughout the &; The reply said & other; Don’t. I really like him. The older and more to accept human nature is not perfect. I also have many shortcomings, if not his tolerance and support over the years, I can’t go today. Throughout the &; Yesterday, reporters call the in this matter, she made it clear: & other; Thank you for your concern, I don’t want to accept any interview thing, this also is not fair to my husband. Throughout the &;

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from childhood to marriage turmoil

the double-sided adhesive fire as early as 2007, the 2007th were revealed when the age of 15 met her husband, & other; We are two family, both parents are in the university colleagues & throughout; . Only after a year or more, however, claim & other; Marriage without any hardships & throughout; The has experienced the changes of marriage. Mention marriage,, & other; I now believe that all the marriage will encounter a fly emotions, affirmation is some pain, but very short & hellip; & hellip; My personality very lazy, it is a pool, you can’t point, so I must not the instability factors in the marriage. I have nothing to do with my ex-husband joked that, as long as you don’t abandon me, I will not abandon you. Throughout the &;