Hunan artists creation “hooked calligraphy” kneel take Japanese audiences

famous calligraphy artist Michael chow

& other; Double calligraphy & throughout; Is hollow pen style single wire directly to write some words, which originated in tang dynasty, because there is no printing technology at that time, people in order to make famous calligraphy spreading, as the same outline of hollow words, and then fill in the black ink, in order to make the viewer get approximate an original work. This way of transfer then became the people a way to learn calligraphy, and developed into the calligraphy art treasures of bright in our country, the southern song dynasty famous writer and musician based in “the sequel book spectrum,” said: & other; The method of the double hook shall be MoYun not out of words, or profile to fill them, or the back, zhu is a measure of the ontology of & throughout; , a generation of great poet lu you also had & other; Good ink double post & throughout; The lovers of praise & other; Double & throughout; The verve.

in changsha, hunan province, a calligrapher’s proceed on the basis of fully absorb the quintessence of double power calligraphy, on the improvement of creativity, original & other; Hooked calligraphy & throughout; (i.e., & other; Cursive hollow words throughout the &; Calligraphy), and with the fastest speed and one-time write the longest time and keeps the guinness book of world records, is known as & other Throughout the Chinese magic &; & ndash; & ndash; He was the guinness book & other; Cursive hollow words throughout the &; World record holder and the 2004 Athens Olympics in hunan province is the only only relay Michael chow.

Michael chow was born in 1966 in Shanghai, gao gan families, at the age of four with her parents moved to hunan and began to study Chinese traditional calligraphy art. After a long period of study hard, he grounded in ShouJinTi and 籇 books, running script is abundant, the calligraphy level by the industry praise and calligraphy association of hunan province where full of his calligraphy collection for many times.

however, such a talented calligraphy wizards at the beginning of life planning is not in calligraphy, at the age of five, affected by the climate, the Chinese table tennis the pride of the world, Michael chow sent to practice table tennis sports schools in hunan province by the parents, this practice is the better part of a youth, more than 10 years experience of table tennis player, after he was admitted to the Shanghai sports institute, after the graduation was assigned to work in the sports commission of hunan province. Years honing, difficult to seize the love, the life twists and turns, don’t move the volunteers, comes from the love of calligraphy art, training after work, Michael chow never give up study of calligraphy, passion vigor of table tennis field on one side, one side is elegant diamond by replacing ink, it is the contradictory, the growth of activity interaction environment, develop a Michael chow confidence full of attitude to life and unique style of calligraphy.

in 1993, Michael chow own & other; Cursive hollow words throughout the &; Calligraphy, because itself has good calligraphy skills, his & other; Cursive hollow words throughout the &; Writing calligraphy harmonious and coherent structure, flowing, coherent whole, integrating performing, artistic quality and view and admire a gender. In 1996, Michael chow a pen MAO “serve the people” in full set & other; Cursive hollow words throughout the &; The guinness book of world records a pen to write 818 words (86 minutes), the same year and write down the southern speech the full text of 3786 words, again broke his own guinness world record, famous all over the world. That year, he is only 26 years old. From 1996 to 2006 and multiple CCTV invited him to join several “zhengda variety show”, “together”, “Oriental horizon” and so on famous columns live improvisation, and from the CCTV Spring Festival gala, on behalf of the Chinese travel to many countries and regions, renowned international stage. Live performances every time, let the scene view of people feel shocked, because his performance not only aplomb, flowing, and from time to time can shock on the spot, expo 2005 aichi Japan pavilion show the scene once surprised, in awe of China’s culture of the Japanese audience members are all kneel down to worship, the objective is to obtain the aichi world expo China pavilion the class & other; Best creative award & throughout; .

& other; Many people expressed surprise, praise for my calligraphy show, in fact is the key to a & lsquo; Pure & rsquo; Words, practice makes perfect, practice to a certain state, can the mistresses. Throughout the &; The secret of Michael chow, said his biggest is & other; Think more & throughout; , suggested the global idea in place before writing, when writing, can this one take, write so, we also.