Hundreds of senior three students to wear hanfu worship Confucius for “sage bliss, top receive government degrees”

incense curled up, can be fluttering, wearing hanfu students qiqi worship like & hellip; & hellip; Yesterday afternoon, leshan, sichuan qianwei inside the temple, held a called & other; Sage bliss & middot; Top receive government degrees & throughout; Blessing of sacrificial activities. 126 senior students from local presence, pray you can receive government degrees in 11 days after the university entrance exam.

@ ha Luo Zhenqing: this is the modern education & other; Black humor & throughout; , it’s a shaming your as educator Confucius?

@ I with you forever, although admittedly, the key still should gain some real knowledge.

@ thirsty to drink soy sauce: what role does. Performance enhancing have solid study by themselves, and worship are just looking for a kind of psychological comfort.

@ glass box love strawberry: if you are students, you will understand the pain. Should should not laugh at the students, and laugh at education system.

@ you deep: you can use this as a cultural tour, lead students to the Confucian temple, visit the classical furnishings, introduction to Confucius, thoughts, academic achievement, guides the student to set & other; For wan shikai & throughout; Belief. School should give the student is not a report card, more is not the feudal superstition, but human, is a scientific, rational, is the Buddhism belief.

@ white horse sword: worship or not worship, the university entrance exam is there, no early not late. The worship or not worship, the result is there, it does not increase.

@ Cui Ge: I am not ready to Ann a superstition big hat, China has always been exam bow down to only two people: Confucius and wanted you.