Image recording occupy Wall Street “occupation cinema” help

since & other; Occupy Wall Street (Occupy Wall Street) & throughout; Movement is a stronghold of Zuccotti park, since the police raid on Arts and Culture to lead the development of the sports news gradually become less. In spite of this, an art theme of OWS still has received the widespread attention: taken by protesters and artists to participate in sports video clips. Video clips should be the most powerful and recorded the whole development process of sports media, they had been used as a tool of social media, is also used as direct recording of police violence, is also the art of the numerous problems in the OWS.

this week, the huffington post and the New York times reported on the Rooftop films— & ndash; Is famous for its film screenings in the non-profit organization & ndash; & ndash; Will show a series of associated with the fuse of OWS clips, including financial crisis and the environmental protection consciousness. Rooftop control-insistent pang will this project named & other; Occupation of the film (control-insistent pang for the Occupation) & throughout; . As part of The project, such as “The Battle of Brooklyn (The Battle for Brooklyn)” (recorded The controversial & other; The court & throughout; Developed in brooklyn process), The cracks (The Flaw) “(open The survey of The financial crisis) film on December 13 to 15, in different locations. On December 16, brooklyn movie club Uniondocs will also be a series by activists and filmmaker recorded the clips of OWS.

due to the Rooftop control-insistent pang of this project will focus on those who are not directly involved in the OWS on film, so we posted a short part we think to be able to show movement itself. For example by The Meerkat Media Collective with The Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective series of short video. Meerkat image works & other; Consensus” Just focus on how the OWS have the effect of a direct democracy.

from Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective Alex Higgen at Zuccotti park before exploring the raid on the tiny community of prosperity. Considering many video record OWS has been destroyed by police during raids, Higgen works at the moment for exercise itself has very important significance.

in addition to the filmmakers contribution of clips, & other; Occupy the theater (Occupy Cinema) & throughout; Also a lot of force & ndash; & ndash; This is an open society, & other; Using dynamic images to assist and promote the occupy movement. Throughout the &; In November, Occupy Cinema with the way the project gives OWS a the original poster (a ballerina stand on Wall Street bulls balanced) to & other; Throughout life &; .