Imitate the belly wound yoko ono is Lady Gaga paving stone

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July 9 to 16, marina & middot; Roman abramovich at Manchester international festival on his own death.

& have spent Lady Gaga and yoko ono met in Los Angeles on stage last year.

& have spent The practice of imitation artist, Lady Gaga drew a wound on the belly, as if to bled to death.

when marina & middot; Abramovich first heard Anthony & middot; HeJiaDi singing, she said, she cried. & other; It was at fox & middot; Wainwright’s concert. Throughout the &; & ndash; & ndash; The old lady will rightly point out that you shouldn’t have called her & other; Old grandmother behavior art & throughout; , although she has been cultivated in this industry for 40 years: breathing lover’s carbon dioxide until suffocation. Squatting in 1500 pieces of bloodied scrubbing of bovine bone; MoMA in New York City (the museum of modern art) atrium in 736 hours, visitors lined up to eye each other with her. & ndash; & ndash; & other; At that time, he asked a few guests. Performance to a half, Anthony said, he sang a “white angel”. I am not myself to stand up from his seat and began to cry. I feel, his voice is the hologram of my soul. Throughout the &;

today, can show each other the soul of the pair of partners this week by the Manchester international festival a performance & ndash; & ndash; & other; Marina & middot; The birth and death of the Roman abramovich & throughout; . Performance reviews the Roman abramovich’s life, from her childhood in Yugoslavia, after the war to the stage for her death. & other; I am Bob (director Bob & middot; Wilson), said the only thing you can do music Anthony, line with me so I feel him, & throughout; She said, & other Anthony and I are similar is that performance of the moment, you became higher. You created a different kind of reality for the audience. Therefore, it is so emotional. This is very interesting, everyone can cry in Anthony’s concert, as they sat opposite me cry at MoMA. Throughout the &;

the performance also witnessed the arrival of a new era & ndash; & ndash; Pop music and performance art has never been so formed. Once, music fans to yoko ono hostile, and now they devoted themselves to fall in Lady Gaga’s feet. Even the yoko ono sigh with emotion, they did this generation & other; Junior & throughout; The paving stone.

Lady Gaga a dream come true

in fact, the singer HeJiaDi and performance artist cooperation is not unexpected. On the one hand, he was born of the experimental drama stage, on the other hand, the relationship between the rock and pop music and performance art becomes increasingly close. In 2011 the hottest popular idol is Lady Gaga, like HeJiaDi, she is from New York City club, where Lady Gaga said, & other Performance art plus singer-songwriter and drag plus drama and rock mix & throughout; Is a hard currency.

& other; When I was very young, I was fascinated by art of activities throughout the &; Lady held a concert in Taiwan in early Gaga7 during a telephone interview, & other; Fascinated me Yu Xiaoye yoko ono and Roman abramovich. They are more or less influence me to become of me now. The lower east side in New York, the only thing missing is pop music. At that time, I think, if I can in this block by the famous also good. If I can do this department store on the corner, at Madison square garden show, maybe one day, I can, in the form of more mainstream behavior art into pop music. Throughout the &;

from her album sales, Lady Gaga, a dream come true. Don’t know that because of the mainstream audience unable to digest her transgressions were refused her record company now feel. Perhaps, their starting point is understandable: popular culture and performance art had never co-existed. Pop music fans hate everything related to performance art, the impression may come from a allusions, it is that the public is yoko ono hostility. She was the first in the face of public performance artist, in her with John & middot; Lennon after meet, in 1967, she performed “slice” in London, and invited the audience with scissors cut off her clothes. & other; I think we do is high art, there is a big difference between high art and popular music, & throughout; Yoko ono said, & other; High art stimulate the reality, and pop music just entertainment. High art and entertainment, to let the audience to accept all that you do for me is very challenging, and interesting. Throughout the &;

however, her relationship with lennon, as well as her transformation from behavioral artists for musicians to move from the start is faced with scorn and anger. & other; When John and I are together, I feel I do not change, but all of a sudden, I face great hostility. Never to let the public accept high art. Throughout the &; She said, & other John and I had a wonderful time together. Have great love between us. Those things for me, is more important than to get people to accept. Throughout the &;