Immediately after the nanjing woman corpse lifelike face contact with the air in the qing dynasty

in the field work of the villagers, around them, in the coffin in the qing dynasty, there would be such a woman corpse: more than 130 years have passed, and even life.

when a move work here, the bodies were exhumed, inside is very dry, wrapping the body red cloth are glamorous exceptions, only a few seconds, the body’s face began to black.

the scene looks like Clothing immortal

recently, within the scope of globalization without street, jiangning area are in road construction, therefore several tomb to migrate. Yesterday morning, von home ancestral grave who lives near the street began to migrate.

when people dug several graves here, everything is normal, a few coffins are decadent, but mining to a cemetery, at the southwest corner of the saw are completely different.

this mouth coffin, buried is a woman, according to later people died in about six years, has been more than 130 years. & other; At that time, the coffin is not damaged, open the coffin, there is a dead body, wrapped in bright red cloth, cloth in the beginning, the color is very bright. Throughout the &;

& other; See the light of day again at that moment, the body’s facial let everyone got a fright & ndash; & ndash; Don’t have any change, like one of those people who died, even feel with the hand, and the elastic! Most surprised, due to exposure to air, black body face quickly, just a few seconds, forehead here started to get dark. Throughout the &;

witnesses told reporters that people see this scene, to cover the coffin.

the cultural relics department also the attention, but in the end, because this is private grave, to a subsequent person to deal with.

investigation there were ponds in one hundred not seep

reporter at the scene to see, in the cemetery’s position, just behind the globalization without streets, via a path can be in the village, the path is gradually raised, burial site location, is located in the edge of a piece of vegetable plots, there are a few tall tree on the edge.

the coffin in the depth of 2 meters underground, but the graveyard surrounded by water, in hundred metres away, is a few acres of ponds, nearly in ten metres away, is for the use of the irrigation ditch.

although facing the water, and the coffin burial depth was obviously lower than near the surface of the water a lot, however, have no a little water, the cemetery or even wet phenomenon all have no, this is a very strange thing.

inside the coffin, unearthed a large number of paper bag of lime powder material, according to the first witnesses, dug up a lot, especially in the following, there may be a slap so thick, very dry. But there is no people to imagine the kind of so-called spice.

dug up the coffin of unusually strong, worn out a piece of mining, the reporter sees, the coffin of the lesions, exposed wood is very delicate, almost no any difference and the new break of wood, color is very bright, visible coffin quality of the good.

according to introducing, feng descendants now is ordinary households in the village, in hundred years ago, the family that is generation of pawn, force, known as & other; Feng half throughout street &; , which means with globalization without local half of the assets of the street.

analysis caused by a variety of preservation conditions

why the body after 130 years of history, but is in good condition? Experts told reporters that buried in a strict drug treatment in the first place, the scene of the white material, anti-corrosion items that may contain complex composition, it is not sure the specific composition.

the second is buried, buried depth, seal tightly. From the scene was broken open coffin, could see was buried with a high standard.

is the body of blood, water loss again, these reasons will reduce microbial within the body. Finally structures by the clothing, is buried time of his death as the cold winter, it may also provide bodies preserved a certain conditions.

human remains of the ancient cultural heritage

body discovered is not corruption is still a not completely solve the mystery. Remains of the ancient human as a kind of special cultural heritage, bearing the weight is different from other unique cultural connotation of physical evidence of human civilization, many of them through the media coverage has known by people.

the Egyptian mummies,

in many parts of the world are useful anticorrosive spices preserve dead bodies, which in ancient Egyptian mummies, for the most famous. The ancient egyptians believe in after death, the soul does not die, will still be dependent on the body or statue, so, after the death of pharaoh, etc were mummified. In addition, the French Bernard Diana died 35 years old, is the body has not corrupt.

Loulan beauty


in 1980, archaeologists in loulan sizzling river delta of sand in the northern part of the study found that a female mummy, known as & other; Loulan beauty & throughout; . Loulan beauty more than 3800 years old, is by far the earliest unearthed in the body discovered in xinjiang s a. Between the ages of 40-45, the time of his death had height 1.56 meters, eye big nest deep, narrow high bridge of the nose, chin, pointed up, has a distinct Europa ethnic characteristics.

hunan xin after Mrs.

in the 1970 s, changsha mawangdui tomb no. 1 was found in a deep sleep for over two thousand years is very fresh woman corpse, appearance is intact, the whole body is soft and elastic, injection of preservatives in into her body, her blood vessels can drum up. She is the western han dynasty changsha the first prime minister his blocked hou sheen Hou Licang’s wife. Its appearance after recovery of modern science and technology, known as the sleeping beauty of the east. At present, the writing history intact.

hunan yuan dynasty couples

in 1985, in hunan YuanLing, unearthed from the yuan dynasty couple bodies, when two people are lifelike, muscle and flexibility. But then the yuan dynasty history didn’t protect well. Male body is 1.78 meters tall, burly, the most intact skin, the body hair is sparse.

Woman corpse

taizhou in the Ming dynasty

in early March 2011, taizhou chun road site unearthed a Ming dynasty does not rot woman corpse. Woman corpse preserved, the skin has certain elasticity, hair pitch-black shine, 500 years ago the body is not rotten.

body discovered exhibition of guangxi

after the Spring Festival in 1975, guangxi congzuo city days when county northwest of village removal in the construction of school, found the body of the qing dynasty officials Zhao Kun body discovered later be saved to guangxi medical university. In the middle of April, 2011, the posterity found body discovered unexpectedly appear on display in a park in the ticket. Via checking, it is a certain company boss liao out through private relationship. After bargaining, body discovered back in guangxi medical university. Lu strong finishing