Imperial palace for 308 vats of fire prevention Winter of antifreeze set a cotton padded covering charcoal burner

the VAT in the imperial palace

tour, in front of a lot of house can see water storage with VAT. Because most of the buildings of the Forbidden City to the brick structure, easy to catch fire, in each yard planted is the purpose of VAT & other; Throughout town & fire out disaster; . So, the Forbidden City VAT how many mouth?

the Forbidden City is the imperial palace during the Ming and qing dynasties, because most of the buildings of the Forbidden City to the brick structure, easy to catch fire, people called during the hall of supreme harmony had been burned down four times. First is Ming yongle nineteen years (1421), the second is the Ming jiajing 36 years (1557), the third was twenty-five years Ming wanli (1597), the fourth is 18 years (in 1679), in which the fire three times in the Ming dynasty taihe palace, zhonghe palace and Baohe Palace into the three main halls all reduced to ashes. A fire in the Forbidden City, the most famous occurred in 14 years (AD 1888), December 15 or gate of fire. For guangxu emperor at that time, she has wedding ceremony is held on the 27th of next year, with the gate of the sudden fire, is apart from the guangxu big day only 40 days. Progenitor system according to the qing, the emperor wedding, queen to sit the car from the main gate of the Forbidden City meridian gate was carried into the palace, and then through the gate to the north into the NaGong. Due to the gate burned with fire, temporarily can’t completely repair, and the emperor of the wedding and you cannot change, she then ordered Mr. Choi craftsman temporary copper a gate of the same paper, long yu queen is in this paper the gate into the temple.

in the Forbidden City palace set in copper, iron cylinder, the original intention is to fire. These large cylinder storage fresh water at ordinary times, palace, once the fire nearby water fire extinguishing. Therefore, also known as VAT & other; Auspicious cylinder & throughout; , & other Taiping cylinder & throughout; . It is said that the large cylinder and a commonly known as the call & other; Door sea & throughout; The meaning of the sea, take the door, in front of my desires & other; The sea & throughout; With water, fire, the palace is no longer a fire.

winter, big crock is frozen? In order to prevent the water freezes in winter in vats, every October to next February, will be a cotton padded covering on the cylinder jacket, cylinder stamp, especially low temperature, under the cylinder charcoal burner heating. According to the qing reign, palace of large cylinder 308. But with the passing of years, and now only 231. These big cylinder can be divided into copper and gold, copper, iron cylinder, cylinder earliest vats for Ming hongzhi years ago (1488-1505), cast iron cylinder. Under the iron cylinder on modelling and decoration gathered in the Ming dynasty, of primitive simplicity and easy, both ears of cylinder with a hoop. Copper cylinder is cast in the qing dynasty, mostly large cylinder ears to add those copper rings, belly big, exquisite craft. In qing dynasty, the palace in which compound display what big crock, placed several large cylinder have specific provision, gold and copper cylinder top grade, display in the hall of supreme harmony, Baohe Palace and dry cleaning door both sides is the fine gold copper cylinder, a total of 18, the upper of each cylinder are engraved with the outside & other; Qing emperor qianlong years building & throughout; The words. In the temple of each compound copper or iron cylinder is generally was laid. About the cost of gold copper cylinder, qianlong’s pin gear, there have been recorded. Gold copper cylinder is 1.2 meters high, 1.66 meters in diameter, about 1696 kg each cylinder, silver casting copper cylinder cost about 500 more than two, plus the outermost one hundred and twenty gold, copper cylinder total casting cost at least 1500 two silver. Forces invaded Beijing, in 1900, eight plundered in the Forbidden City, many foreign devil with a bayonet crazy scrape the gold of fine gold copper cylinder, is now on a fine gold copper cylinder on either side of the hall of supreme harmony, can still clearly see the invaders had left scar.