In 600, the north sea TuanCheng no water drainage system learned report

on July 21 at 11, sina weibo users & other; Bird photography & throughout; Published a tweet with a picture: & other; Just shot back, and have a look, why the meridian gate of the imperial palace is ok? Throughout the &; He took the picture is the meridian gate of the imperial palace, there is no water marks on the ground. Reporters in the morning and & other; Bird photography & throughout; Get in touch, & other; I originally want to shoot water flooded the palace, but got to the meridian gate, really scared, nothing. Throughout the &; Bird said, “this photo was taken time is 9 PM 15 points, when the rain should have been the heavy rain, and very very urgent, when he was in the assembly camera, wet with rain instant machine, open an umbrella is lover to help to complete the photo shoot. In the evening, forward this photo caused more than 30000 Internet users and more than 6000 comments.

and the Forbidden City, is in the center of the heavy rain in the north sea TuanCheng report a case without water. The Palace Museum, beihai TuanCheng and loop in sharp contrast, the main link of water, caused people’s thinking in the Beijing underground drainage system.


according to expert introduction, the north sea and the Forbidden City rainwater engineering, have been nearly 600 years ago, in Beijing city, there are still more than 100 kilometers of the Ming dynasty sewers in & other; Service & throughout; . TuanCheng for example, the terrain, planting trees, inside water hole distribution around the tree, and the bottom of each nozzle has a shaft, shaft and the shaft between the culvert. Redundant rainwater storage after the culvert, forming an underground & other; Rivers & throughout; , a brick all have knowledge. The Forbidden City drainage system with two sets of light and shade. Ming drainage by floor to make the water, through a variety of drain, spit in the river mouth to the surrounding water, dark row is through underground drain the water into the river, and the river is the golden stream inside and outside.

the relevant person in charge of drainage group, said Beijing’s urban drainage system including the road and bridge, is in accordance with national standards, on the construction of the drainage department is according to the requirements of the municipal construction. , for the moment, although Beijing accords with national standard, but has not yet formed in the city of the whole water ability, which means water lack of systematic, some key areas will also be necessary to improve standards.

reporter Ye Xiaoyan


s Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

4 years ago called a building in Kuala Lumpur & other; Smart tunnel & throughout; The storm system management and road tunnel, improve urban resistance of human activities to a once-in-a-century. & other; Smart tunnel & throughout; Technology is actually a three layer structure, one layer is permanently under drainage; The second common used to open to traffic, in the five years for the period of the flood, the second channel becomes drainage channel; To the extreme heavy rainstorm, and even 20 years in a heavy rain came, the driveway all closed, all the 12 mm in diameter, the tunnel become PaiHongDao, basically solve the problem of the drainage areas of the city.

s Paris, France

was founded in the middle of the 19th century the sewer of Paris, France is also a case, there is about 3 meters wide between the drainage channel, both sides is about 1 meter wide for maintenance staff service road traffic, the current total of more than 2300 kilometers.

s Hamburg, Germany

burger has capacity of large underground storage library, scheduling of water in flood period has a strong ability. This kind of large-scale underground water, not only ensure the flood drainage unobstructed, and realize the reasonable utilization of rainwater.