In 86 million scientists discovered ancient underwater bacteria (figure) without food

scientists found in the Pacific Ocean ancient bacteria (web screenshot)

according to the daily mail “reported on May 22, recently, scientists have found in the deep sea a s very long ancient bacteria. The deep sea floor, has 86 million did not eat.

the researchers at the university of Aarhus, Denmark Hans & middot; Roy (Hans) the Roy’s team found that the bacteria at a low rate of consumption of oxygen, the discovery is a special sensor by detecting ocean sediment. The bacteria used in oxygen is so little, they are only barely can be classified as there is life.

the team also found the biological environment of the seabed sediment can also provide organic carbon. Still large dinosaurs live on the earth’s land, these bacteria is at this point be & other; Save & throughout; Come down.

scientists do not know much about the bacteria that live in the deep sea, also does not have a complete naming rules, because the bacterial DNA with a known any of the bacterial species. Look from the current data, scientists have identified the deep-sea bacteria reproduction rate, about hundreds of years to thousands of years at a time. IfengLogo (LuoChuan)