In a dream of red mansions “JiaXiang” : in the name of or to search deliberately fabricate

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a dream of red mansions is a culture of grand view garden, not only can be seen everywhere of subtle poetry, with full paper and smell delicious. Describing the most detailed is the number that granny liu JiaXiang shake head to your tongue. & other; Granny liu chewed semidiurnal, say with smile: & lsquo; Although have a little eggplant, just don’t like eggplant. Tell me what is a way out, I also go out to eat. & rsquo; Throughout the &;

JiaXiang do? Feng son say it clearly: in the book & other; Only down the eggplant skin signed, as long as the meat, cut into pieces, general pervez musharraf held with Fried chicken, then use the chicken breast meat meat and XiangJun, new bamboo shoots, mushrooms, spiced FuGan, all kinds of dried fruit, cut into general pervez musharraf held, dry chicken soup simmer, will sesame oil a closed, plus a rotten oil mix, POTS son in a sealed, take out to eat, with Fried chicken melon is a mix. Throughout the &; Who read this will dim swallow saliva.

what’s interesting is that this famous hidden in the book in two hundred, has experienced the world how much how many dreams, but did not see any good restaurant, restaurant it developed. Until the eighty s and ninety s of the 20th century, some restaurant launched & other; Red chamber banquet & throughout; , JiaXiang was on the table. But also has became a granny liu, didn’t taste anything eggplant, think to a plate of oily sauce bao, not disappointed.

if you think about it, the practice of the book is not necessarily the right away. Material is too complex, this dish is named after the eggplant eggplant instead became an ornament. Added all kinds of dried fruit, especially those bacteria, bamboo shoots, FuGan scent all covered.

deployment of a dish and deployment of a pair of prescription, also pay attention to & other Fujin throughout the &; Chowder, good ingredients are not necessarily good food together. Besides, hand made braised eggplants or Benedict fresh tomato people understand, eggplant and cut after drying, necessary until the faded to use. If you are not dry, seal moisture in eggplant is too big, eat into his mouth and chewed cotton peachy. If according to the book written by the fresh Fried eggplant peel slices with chicken soup simmer half a day, didn’t wait until the rotten oil mixing speed glug into tomato mud.

is cao xueqin write wrong? To understand what is & other; JiaXiang & throughout; The first thing to understand what is & other; Experience & throughout; . & other; Experience & throughout; Was meant to dried fish, such as the yellow croaker pickled dry yellow croaker after experience, and usually said & other; JiaXiang & throughout; Is the eggplants. In ancient times the traffic inconvenience, kyou-kan reject all the way, the accompanying home kitchen often take several jars JiaXiang, master when eating out with local shopping one Fried chicken, pork, is a good kind of snacks should we have, so JiaXiang also called & other; Road food & throughout; .

besides JiaXiang in a dream of red mansions. Some say no this dish, originally is the search deliberately invented on granny liu. However, born in qi smartweed Ben in this paragraph is different: & other; You put the new tomato in April and picked the parcel, the skin and flesh to do, as long as the meat, cut into thin hair silk. Dry, take a fat hen, boil the soup stock, put the eggplant silk on the steamer for chicken soup into the taste, then take it out to dry. So nine steam nine sun, must bask in the crisp, porcelain jars in a seal, when wanting to eat, took out a plate with Fried chicken melon seeds is a mix. Throughout the &;

this is seemingly now luoyang yan vegetables pickled radish, eat again and & other Road food & throughout; Similar usage. Perhaps, this is the cao xueqin’s original intention?