In ancient times men and women sex called “sex”? From China’s first beauty god legend



the ancients described men and women sex words a lot, such as & other The bedroom & throughout; , & other Sex & throughout; , & other Throughout, Aaron &; , & other They slept throughout the &; , & other Into the lane & throughout; , & other Sex & throughout; And so on, but & other; Sex & throughout; The word used most often. From the humanities consciousness sprouting period novel “jin ping mei”, the second time, and when the Confucian orthodoxy guarded the peony pavilion, a dream of red mansions, abound.

relationships-particularly those founded comfortable, feeling to the depths of a cozy, its situation and & other Sex & throughout; The word is very fit. & other; Sex & throughout; Is to be enduring long-term application in one thousand, in addition to its quite rich poetic flavour, more important reason is that it derived from & other; China’s first beauty & throughout; WuShanShenNv, from the top master song yu’s beauty.

& other; Sex & throughout; From song yu “gaotang”, “fairy” & other; Wushan yunyu & throughout; The allusions. Two FuZhong, song yu can of words, highlighted described WuShanShenNv to perfect the sky of the unique beautiful goddess, the goddess, is a thorn world unparalleled image looks unique.

“gaotang fu” cloud, huai to wushan tour, because of tired and fall asleep, dream a woman to be destroyed: & other; I the wushan, daughter of king wen dao in this visit, I would like to work with king bed. Throughout the &;

king huai so with this woman for the dew husband and wife, woman leaving said: & other; Concubine Yang in wushan, high resistance, high denier for the cloud, as the rain, which, under the balcony. Throughout the &; King huai in the twilight concept of wushan, if having sex. For this, the king huai in wushan building called & other; Throughout the cloud &; In the temple.

later, the king of bosom Wang Zhizi duct also visit there, expect romantic dream like my father. But to assist the king, goddess unintentionally, goddess in the duct before the king only free to show off their beauty, to assist the king to dazzle, dismay. The unsuccessful huan will men and women, become “gaotang fu” sequel “goddess” fu “.

Ma Zhiyuan yuanqu everybody in the four jade & middot; sorcery mountain temple also vividly wrote in this amazing story: & other; Both meet the rain, the clouds, sunset rain toward the cloud. Duct and the king said. Dream balcony, cloud is empty, rain is empty, how get twelve peaks. Throughout the &;

wushan has a long history, as early as 2.04 million years ago, the first Asian homo erectus & other; Wushan man & throughout; Here is the breeding. The Yangtze river three gorges, wushan has most of all and qutang gorge, wu gorge. Wu gorge with deep and beautiful good strange, & other; Wushan twelve peaks & throughout; Especially in the most beautiful goddess peak. XiaZhong sex more, the frequency of change, the beauty of the cloud state, the rain scene of strange, amazing.

wushan & other; Three sets of eight sights & throughout; Is shrouded in mystery and beautiful color. & other; Three & throughout; Is granted book, chu balcony, cut the dragon. & other; Eight sights & throughout; Is toward sunset cloud chunxiao, beholding the setting sun, rain, NaLing NingHe night ferry, qingxi fishing fishing, the clear moon pool, xiufeng zen brake, female dynasty stone. & other; Eight sights & throughout; , & other; The sunset cloud rain & throughout; Landscape is you must go.

wushan over sex and secretive, sex around the goddess is blurred, but also adds to the later generations to & other; Wushan yunyu & throughout; Magic beautiful reverie. Later scholars began to use & other; Sex & throughout; Metonymy of male and female sex sex. & other; Sex & throughout; The word is becoming widely spread, and permeated in more than two thousand years of poem, ci, qu, fu and story-telling scripts and stories.

from the tang dynasty li bai “sent away” paint & other; Beauty beauty xi come home, don’t make toward sunset cloud rain fly from the balcony & throughout; To the direction at the beginning of the qing dynasty “peach blossom fan” about & other; Yuan yuan jin cui palace makeup mirror, ChaoChao ChuMeng sex bed & throughout; , the former, and subsequently, left a farewell.