In one hundred before the picture frame workers stolen painting “Mona Lisa” reveal bumpy life

the Louvre museum, there are 30000 visitors a day, for security personnel to maintain beauty of absolute security, its difficulty cans be imagined.

the Louvre in Paris with 7.8 million visitors a year, it’s hard to say who was made a special trip to visit the Mona Lisa. But in 2005 the new renovated international hall, always full of people before the Mona Lisa, this is the only way for visitors, even comparable as the focus of the pilgrimage. Since the da & middot; Vinci’s famous by the Louvre museum collection, since this year, a unique theft is the one hundredth anniversary of the full.

a lot of people say that the Louvre to the Mona Lisa’s defense measures more closely than the Vatican, the Pope, but it was back in 1913 after gradually strengthen the result of the stolen paintings.

from the French king francois I Renaissance in 1518 invited & middot; Vinci, famous as he entered the French, and collection, the theft of exclusivity is filled with one hundred, this year it published a disappearance of the woman, fine v. beginning and end of the Mona Lisa was stolen and social background of that time. Might as well take this review of the case, and the lady of the world’s most famous subject of several people talking about so far.

on Monday August 21, 1911, the Louvre close to have a rest. The 7 o ‘clock in the morning, 30 years old frame workers vincenzo & middot; Bei Georgia (Vincenzo Perruggia) from a side door into the Seine. He last year just participated in the installation of & middot; Vinci painting glass box cover around work, deep into the museum get familiar, and very clear picture how to frame and hang on the wall, just a few minutes to unload, pull down the frame, scroll up deliberately away under the arms, in and out, all the way didn’t meet anyone. The Louvre museum management after 24 hours to find the Mona Lisa seat empty, and verification is not removed maintenance. “Mona Lisa” century theft 22 explosion, the Louvre close pavilion site investigation immediately.

case erupted and due to the painter Louis Mr Hu to the Louvre for & other; The Mona Lisa in the Louvre museum & throughout; Copy sketch, and found that the wall has a large gap, ask the administrator, the latter answer might be sent to the photography workshop to photography. Several hours later, Louis Mr Hu to explore, to administrator to determine the picture is not in there, was stolen. The Louvre museum authorities for 25000 francs, a magazine (l’ What does) answer to 50000 francs bonus to the community. Until two years later, the Georgia will draw out for sale in Italy can only solve a case, the two years, in the absence of the Mona Lisa, the Louvre museum in the original place to hang a picture of the Renaissance avatars, but is a man, in order to avoid and positive on the Mona Lisa.

robbery at the Louvre museum inside actually and stolen is famous Mona Lisa! Media at all, the first reaction is not believe: & other; Even you can steal the Mona Lisa, why not steal the Eiffel Tower! Throughout the &; Rare heat in the summer of 1911, the crisis between France and Germany, and has set up a knocking at the door in the battle were unthought, everyone began to fierce criticism national administrative dereliction of duty, accused the paintings stolen because the Louvre was sold to the jews & hellip; & hellip; As examples of the past, the debate on the French society from theft involving colonialism, racism, the separation of church and state, and so on big questions. And thieves will not common superior talent as big, Picasso and the poet abreu rennes (Guillaume Apollinaire) once suspected, the latter even up imprisoned for seven days.

vincenzo & middot; Mr Georgia and exactly is who, has always been the case. When he went on trial in Florence, said he was based on patriotism, will & other; By napoleon spoliation & throughout; National treasures returned to Italy. As a matter of fact, the Mona Lisa is constructed almost three hundred years earlier than napoleon francois I will late for & middot; Vinci welcome to France after the gifts received from the painter himself. Mr Georgia and seems to be more of a simple and impulsive ordinary young people, and the history of major do not match, media inevitably disappointed, who had in dungeons of much debate is no different. Bei Georgia in Florence was sentenced to prison for a year, just spent seven months in prison prison, and to obtain the very good treatment, if the case to the trial in France, he was sentenced to 15 years’ hard Labour, at least, exile outside the island.

the crime at the time, the famous criminologist BeiDiYong (founded in 1870, the first to identify the fingerprints of the police institute) was being unloaded on the left thumb of a glass box and found a fingerprint, and police used to acquisition of Georgia’s fingerprint, as long as the control. The important clues are focus on international criminal group, & other; With two thousand clue & throughout; Police investigators to ignore. Missing the past two years, the Mona Lisa painting was the thieves hide in the home in Paris, in a suitcase.

the Mona Lisa originally placed in Fran Sally I of the newly-built Fontainebleau palace, the Louvre to the museum in 1798 migrated. Robbery happens, the museum was severely criticized for poor management, curator of dismissal, even though he has repeatedly before equipment to increase staff to higher requirements. The Mona Lisa today how many bodyguards? Framed paintings is the most closely monitoring all the Louvre glass window, as far as protected by the painting itself, every day there are six personnel at the scene of the exhibition and closed-circuit television monitoring terminal before intently in turn. In addition, the museum of cultural relics and scientific personnel each year to take the next, quality inspection, verification of insulation box shock effect, the evolution of the discretion of the humidity and temperature.

the Mona Lisa has numerous admirers, since the 16th century in the 19th century with the invention of the prints of engraving and widely circulated, the theft of 1911 global headlines, the woman immediately became a household name, the Louvre museum received a lot of love letters to her warm, the protection of her more dare not lax also, to be on the safe side, also almost done: in the 50 s, an Italian visitor threw a stone at the window, the glass is broken, and painting slightly damaged.

“Mona Lisa” been abroad? Two, to visit the United States in 1963, went to Japan in 1974. Probably only after the two times. Air journey makes slight bulge on the back of the canvas, appears a small cracks. It is worth mentioning that make an exception for flight to Tokyo the Mona Lisa in Moscow, open skies, let her smooth transit.

the Louvre in Paris with 7.8 million visitors a year, it’s hard to say who was made a special trip to visit the Mona Lisa. But in 2005 the new renovated international hall, always full of people before the Mona Lisa, this is the only way for visitors, even comparable as the focus of the pilgrimage. To maintain beauty of absolute security, its difficulty cans be imagined. The school’s current dean Henry & middot; Mr. Had 10 years in office, he work, eat live all in the Louvre, ask him have an anxiety, which day in the morning woke up to find something art theft? He said no. The Louvre museum, there are 30000 visitors a day, for its 2000 workers, especially the reception and monitoring department, every day to complete the work to be sure is not easy, but their high efficiency and reliable. He himself & other; Time read aloud is some, said anxiety is a bit too much & throughout; .

this year in Egypt & other; The unrest throughout the &; During the Cairo museum collections theft, today’s antiquities smuggling and more rampant, the museum is not threatened by the high than before? Mr. Said, Egypt or Iraq this year’s mess is alarming, there have been, unfortunately, but now more and more attention to prepare the source of the art museum, to verify whether the illegal mining, from the grave. Over the past five years, the Louvre museum and the world 70 countries, including yemen and Sudan, the parties in the security measures, mining control and unearthed preserved on the close cooperation.