In one thousand, the ancient city of hebei yu county 2 years did not clean up trash and part of the city streets

one thousand yu county in garbage siege

reporter Ren Li article/figure

yu county in one thousand, the ancient county has a long history and rich cultural history, the county during the Spring Festival light mountain worship, a tree, and other non-material cultural heritage activities attracted many tourists to visit. When the tourists enter the city in one thousand, many large street garbage and sewage let tourists all over the ground kid around ska, very disappointed.

reporter visited yu county more than 20 street, found that more than up the garbage on the street for half moon, several streets of rubbish or even a year or two, the dump gradually to the middle of the road & other; Attack & throughout; , the residents called & other; Garbage street & throughout; .

city rubbish fills too disappointing

during the lunar New Year holiday, Beijing, tianjin, shanxi and other places of the visitor have to historical and cultural city yu county county worship light mountain, tree and a non-material cultural heritage, but the health situation of the ancient city of the one thousand get a lot of tourists even said the streetscape.

Mr Shi is a great year with his family in Beijing grade came to yu county in the morning, had just entered the city, in the streets with the garbage and make him feel very uncomfortable. In the afternoon, a local friend to accompany his family in the county town turned a circle, is more serious, this time, he saw a lot of street garbage, waste water and the land is, some of the streets are even on both sides of the road of garbage and other Squeeze & throughout; Only for a car to pass.

s, says Mr He has been to many city, all local health condition is very good, but the trip to the yu county made him very disappointed. & other; Don’t have a clean environment, tourists will also suffered, how could a second? ! Throughout the &;

s Mr Friend, ‘says Ms. Yang had invited a friend home for a visit to visit, rich history and culture, to display the home can be garbage and the condition of the city to make her feel very lose face. Ms Yang said her friend to greatly influenced the mood in a day, all people living in the old town is very disturbing. & other; My street mouth of garbage, almost a month no one tube. Throughout the &;

more than street called & other; Garbage street & throughout;

13 morning, the reporter visited yu county road, east road, south street light victory, state evaluated integratedly, forward west road and so on more than 20 street, found that in addition to the health of heping road and renmin road a few road in good condition, most of the streets are dirty, disorderly and poor.

east road to victory is the county town of east main thoroughfare, reporter saw, on both sides of the road is full of rubbish. Family members’ hospital seven teams in the professional, the gate of garbage, is full of water, seriously affected the residents. Says a resident, the garbage here already half a month no one clean, & other; Health costs every year pay 60 yuan, white made throughout the &; .

yu county is the only one county station, bus station, reporter saw at the station on both sides of the road is also one big dump and black mass of snow.

in state evaluated integratedly and moving west road, streets, are much more serious, the garbage has spread into the middle of the road on both sides of the road, will have very broad street was very narrow, some just dump is located in the middle of the road, became a barrier, this article a few streets and even local residents called & other; Garbage street & throughout; . Live in forward road residents told reporters that the road of garbage neglected for a long time, the farther west, the western garbage has not been done out for two or three years.

related departments will strengthen efforts to clean up

reporter visits found that in addition to a few streets, many streets are not trash can, a lot of people can only be garbage dump at will. Many people believe that yu county county garbage situation has come to the point where the last straw, has seriously affected the image of the famous historical and cultural city. A local retired cadres, said yu county is to develop the tourism, you must first give visitors a comfortable and clean environment.

13 afternoon, the reporter comes to yu county live built bureau. The bureau director of the office of director explained to reporters, cao yu county county garbage recently a period of time in severe cases last year, mainly due to the cause of 58 years of snow brings to the cleaning work is difficult, plus the county area big, clean workers is limited, it takes time to clean up. He said, for the current situation, county led several meetings to study the cleanup, sanitation department also work overtime or even give up to clean up the Spring Festival holiday. It also will urge the sanitation department to make greater efforts to clean up the city rubbish cleared as soon as possible.