In one thousand, the ancient ginkgo tree roots “bleeding” by the villagers as “making it” (FIG.)


root juice although has dried up, but still can see the trace of red

yesterday morning, zhenjiang new district Yao Qiao huashan town residents’ committees in the asphalt pavement, drivers should dig near the ancient ginkgo one thousand opened a period of about 1 meters of roadbed, ready to the whole road cut slope, the roots of nudity, affect the safety of the ancient ginkgo, collective block by residents, when someone picked up a piece to dig the root of the broken, find out red juice, deliberately intimidating driver said & other; Making & throughout; Bleeding, frighten drivers better running straight. Yesterday afternoon in zhenjiang new district SheFa bureau and the intervention of the governments of Yao Qiao, emergency stop the down slope road project.

zhenjiang wa shan tsuen one thousand ancient ginkgo in wa shan tsuen highest trump in front of the temple, tree height 33.8 meters, diameter at breast height 1.94 meters, four or five individuals folded not approach, is a flower is not the result of light & other; Grandpa tree & throughout; . According to the shandong agricultural university professor Liang Lixing in ginkgo biloba in China is described in the monograph, this tree is in the south of the Yangtze river’s largest and most ancient ginkgo tree, planting time about in the eastern han dynasty to The Three Kingdoms period.

residents said, this is zhang tianshi had planted trees, and trump temple age, so called ginkgo king. Allegedly past each spring flowering season, north jiangsu taizhou area were made a special trip to come to collect nectar, to reproduce the local ginkgo tree. The tree has been listed as zhenjiang bump unit, zhenjiang ancient object naming tree directory tree on the tree for 1500 years.

Mr Residents cold tells a reporter, digging the road, he has been looked on, found that just dig off the inside of the ginkgo tree roots wooden although is white, but the flow of juice is red, like the & other; Blood & throughout; . With residents, noisily, said past destroy the tree people have no good result, frighten boring machine guy better straight drips, blanched. Teams of other workers, said he has not married, you don’t frighten him.

as we have learned, this way the government has no plan of maintenance, is individual neighborhood cadres without authorization is done advocate, arrange construction team of construction, residents in advance nor and ventilation. The aim, is to want to take advantage of build ecological exemplary countryside, reform environment, repair convenience residents travel to the village road.

reporter noticed that yao highway near the town residents of housing is indeed the paint, white wall tiles is particularly good-looking.

roots why outflow & other; Blood & throughout; Come over?

according to a garden technical personnel at the scene, the roots out of the red juice have a plenty of, because of the variety also have a plenty of because old too long.

is this reporter interviewed professor Zhou Xing yuan to vocational and technical college of agriculture and forestry in jiangsu, he told the reporters, generally the root of the ginkgo tree out of the juice is pale yellow, but old too long will appear red. As for why the redness, he don’t know. Old tree roots is the soul of the life, but if there are no injuries and taproot, destroying its roots, the impact on the ancient trees should not be too big. Yesterday afternoon, the relevant departments under the intervention of zhenjiang development zone in jiangsu province, was digging road has backfilling, old tree roots are covered by soil.

but there are fears that the tree roots has & other; Blood & throughout; The ancient ginkgo in one thousand, I do not know will not affect its growing because of the injury and hope relevant departments can attention.


coincidentally, according to a new culture, a canal in changchun Long Jia town village, also have a tree, rumored if it a knife cut, the tree will flow out & other; Blood & throughout; To come. According to the local old people, the tree also has a history of three thousand four hundred years. As for the bleeding tree legend, a local elementary school principal said, because the tree is so old that some branches have death decay, the decay of place will be a little out of the red juice, misinformation known as & other; Making & throughout; Bleeding. Reporters noted that some old branches on the tree, there are some red liquid leakage. Staff of the forestry department related, after skin damaged, some trees exposed part contact with air oxidation, out of the red juice, if trees or been sick bug eat by moth, this kind of phenomenon is more serious, it is very natural, is not a mystery.

have & other ancient trees; Adopted & throughout; The customs of child safety in

why this tree is one thousand years old has long been the villagers as & other; Making & throughout; , it is understood that in the past because of poor living conditions, medical underdeveloped, children develop diseases such as smallpox, therefore appeared the child & other; Kuang & throughout; To the customs of ginkgo tree in order to protect peace, hundreds of thousands of people is said to have & other; Kuang & throughout; Give the tree. People now enjoy a higher quality of life of common, the customs of this nature is drifting away.

wa shan tsuen & other; Ginkgo king & throughout; Have lived for thousands of years, is the result of the local villagers from watch and hard to maintain. According to the residents living memories, cold war, his grandfather cold thickening of chang is the first party branch secretary, huashan his father, the revolutionary martyrs cold forest was communist, has served as the country wasin deputy heads, director of the peasant associations. He listen to his grandmother said, the devil, set fire to trump temple had arranged his grandfather, hide in the ditch, stone bridge near the head, oil drums with fire set off firecrackers, sound like machine guns, Shouting & other The new fourth army is coming! Throughout the &; To frighten flurried Japanese retreat, this just save the ginkgo tree.

zhenjiang amateur controllers, the 74 – year – old XieXiaoXiang old man tells a reporter, the ancient ginkgo tree is historical and cultural heritage, is huashan & other; The tree of life & throughout; 22 years ago, the old tree was suddenly struck by lightning split a branch near death, the whole village of heartburn. Someone will side branches cut off.

in order to save the tree & other; Living fossil & throughout; , at a time when the economy is very difficult circumstances, the donation of more than 1300 yuan, spontaneously invited experts to save the tree to heal and Shanghai, found that the hole, the pile and ginkgo trees in parasitic plant, experts protective measures were carried out for ancient trees. XieXiaoXiang said: & other; At that time in the village chief director, deputy director, I formed a total of more than 100 villagers to participate in the ancient ginkgo tree backbone protection committee, perennial organization care, finally make it new. Throughout the &; Experts also suggested that as soon as possible for & other; Ginkgo king & throughout; Install the lightning rod, preventing lightning strike again. As early as two years, the villagers found & other; Ginkgo king & throughout; Under the canopy, there are several commonly known as & other; The MAO throughout their favus & son; (scientific name & other; Li hampson & throughout;) The remains of a. Reflect to the relevant authorities, zhenjiang new district urban management bureau public utilities department sent high pressure spray, spraying on the ancient ginkgo neutralising the pest.

ancient and spiritual trees, often local residents protect and exalted object. And every old tree tend to have an ancient legend. Zhenjiang this tree ginkgo king in one thousand in the legend is not only able to & other; Protect & throughout; It’s & other; Children & throughout; , & other; Punishment & throughout; The bad guys hurt it. Coincidentally, changchun this three thousand four hundred elm have similar & other; Legend & throughout; : the qing dynasty, there are two carpenters, want to take this tree & other; Making & throughout; Cut down a building, have never thought when they are saw the tree suddenly two flopping on one side at the same time, saliva flow is very long, soon died, and the tree was saw a place also shed & other; Blood & throughout; , near the tree roots still can see the trace of a saw.

the legend is a thin, but they all in one sentence: repeatedly & other; Don’t hurt the tree. Throughout the &; Legend maker and disseminator of love and warmth, these old tree so through legends passed down from one generation to another. In the process of the modernization of cities, more and more & other; Builders & throughout; Found that the old tree & other; Prevent & throughout; Too much of their grand plan. But if you look at the trees in from birth to old, in the process of condensing generations of effort and silently guardian, will feel these & other; Complete & throughout; The legend is nonsense?

nanjing and zhengzhou phoenix tree, ginkgo king of zhenjiang, jiangsu wuxian SiTuKu four strains one thousand cooper & hellip; & hellip; Rings in writing is the soul of a city. Predecessors trees descendants cool. No shade trees are destroyed the later, ask yourself to heart He An? Make up the