In the eyes of foreigners Chinese people understand the keeping in good health Like hot tea and rice

s between cities, the

Chen Shu ocean (s)

and the germans together over the years, found that they eat is hungry, thirsty to drink water, and we’re almost appeared to be, but the inside is different. Among them, we Chinese grew up will understand a lot of life common sense, especially healthy common sense, they really had no idea in my head.

, for example, a cold, Chinese people like to drink hot automatically, avoid drinking or ice drink, but often see a cold German colleagues on the plane, still keep drink coke with ice, reason is: I was ill so uncomfortable, don’t drink you like?

but a handful of them also woke up slowly. Before a flight, there is a foreign female passengers tube I want hot water to drink, I’m curious to ask her, & other; How do you like to drink hot water? Throughout the &; She refers to the front of the Chinese male passengers, & other; He is my husband, and he learned! Throughout the &;

the latest flight, several German colleagues before leaving Beijing, particularly proudly showed me a photo. After they come to Beijing, to do massage, also collective pull cans, & left bare back together after the other; Lady beetle & throughout; Group photo. Other German colleagues, dumbfounded. Pulled out jar colleagues particularly proud: & other; Good pain good pain! But the next day will feel good body easily. Throughout the &;

cupping therapy of traditional Chinese medicine can cure it so spread with colleagues in Germany.

later on the flight back to Germany, and a special sweet female colleagues chat in Afghanistan. Before I saw her at the airport outside to smoke, he asked her why want to smoke? Her answer made me very surprised. She said, she must not to give up smoking, because as long as you don’t smoke, she will soon get fat, and nicotine can help her to solve the problem of constipation.

originally, especially since she was young to eat, the meal can eat three to four sets, fat like a ball. She and her family went to relatives home, relatives always advise guests to eat more, when you see her and everybody said, & other; Oh, you still don’t eat, eat again exploded! Throughout the &; She is very depressed, later inadvertently found that smoking can be thinner, so only 22, she has four or five years.

I have heard a little worry about her, this is not pulled down the east wall elsewhere? If it is Chinese, I might say, & other; Go find Chinese medicine recuperates the & throughout; , but in the face of the foreigner, I also don’t understand, is to share with her a few for the discharge of the traditional Chinese medicine common sense. She was particularly excited, carefully recorded in the card, another female colleague of smoking immediately and aircraft to share, hope to have effect, the next step it given up smoking, & other; Smoking was expensive and not health! Throughout the &;

this Afghan girls rarely fly China, has been particularly careful observation on later flight passengers eating and drinking habits in China. She saw the most Chinese passengers to drink hot tea, all love to eat rice and then feel very magical, & other; Most of the original Chinese people so healthy, know how to live healthier lives, all can be half Chinese! Throughout the &;