In the spring and autumn also has “if you are the one” Gao Shuai rich female guest cause political cleaning

there has been no serious seen a TV show, but my guess is that people are keen about it, not just about love, should also contain a popular game factors in it.

every man on the stage, with all the beauties of maximum popular common divisor & ndash; & ndash; No public nuisance, although can’t win any beauty, but not to a large area of the miss, this is not to offend middle beauty, don’t make against beauty. Under this framework, he focused on beauty, because all the beauties don’t dislike you yudu support you, support you must have at least one beauty, willing to be holding you back, you can win: on the last game in hand. In the comprehensive maintenance support and show the love between muscles, delicate mixed operation skill.

all in all, dating is not so simple, any age, including the spring and autumn period & hellip; & hellip; & hellip; & hellip;

wonders: zheng senior dating shows on

this dating activities performed in more than 2500 years ago in the spring and autumn period, where is the capital of zheng. The reason of dating is to solve a noble marriage disputes. Should be around 541 BC lunar April, an official in the state of zheng, named Xu Wu (Xu Wu is last name), he had a beautiful sister, zuozhuan, the record is to her: & other; Beauty & throughout; .

Xu Wu sister taken are already, the fiance is zheng royal: GongSunChu. Let’s call it: o chu. : the documents show, chu has been under the Xu Wu sister dowry, the woman has been accepted. This will be a suitable, no suspense of marriage.

zheng the entertainment industry is very developed

however, beauty is a kind of be seen, even if not to recruit who provoke who, will be trifled with. Archuleta have a cousin, called the sun black, mall for black, older, also already have children, but also look at the beautiful Xu Wu sister. AHeiGe also delivered the dowry Xu Wu palace, Xu Wu said: & other; I’m sorry, our sister have betrothed to your cousin, chu. Throughout the &; Black will force the betrothal gifts sent to Xu Wu mansion, make Xu Wu all black in the face in the family.

Xu Wu although also be national official, but it is not the core team member, he is just a work for zheng royal councilor, chu and black, he can’t afford to offend anyone.

tangled, he found the zheng’s leading political appointee and then prime minister: zi chan. Hope to solve this difficult problem, the prime minister zi chan presented a way: matchmaking events, fully respect Xu Wu sister I will, like who, who chose & other; Throughout her choose how &; .

the dating shows, more than two thousand years ago form is quite open and lively. One day, at the end of April in Xu Wu home yard, AHeiGe is the first stage, he went to sven routes, from the perspective of text display own Gao Shuai rich elegant demeanour. He probably had a was one of the most popular hairstyle, dress is the most popular fashion at that time, walked into the compound Xu Wu home personable, elegant generous, mature to walk a few times, and then he dropped the most expensive dowry. & other; Ornamental, cloth (arrangement) currency (engagement) and throughout the &; .

AHeiGe performed, the chu on stage. Archuleta’s tough line. But see his uniform, a into the compound, and then a big bow, swish swish swish, left shot three times, brush, brush the right shot three times. And then, fully display their eagles flying, a whoosh, leap in a large military vehicles, sped away.

is a Wu Liang contestants, who beautiful Xu Wu sister like? Hiding behind the door GuanZhen Xu Wu girl, made their own opinions about two Gao Shuai rich: AHeiGe admittedly very handsome is very beautiful, but my sister I think a man should have a masculine beauty, tough guy, be a man, Mr Chu is in my heart that dish, because her husband like a husband, wife will be like his wife, so the way of husband and wife, & other; His wife, the so-called suitable also. Throughout the &; The implication, seem to be too AHeiGe smack of niang gun. According to today’s TV show regularity, Xu Wu sister should be black dark sun of the lamp.

so Xu Wu sister, it stands to reason with chu in hand knot of good.

actually, zheng at the top of this talent show has to do with their own customs and habits, and more than two thousand years ago zheng is a entertainment industry the most developed country, and entertainment are mostly about love, Confucius also too zheng entertainment style is too low, said & other; Wed at Yin & throughout; That zheng pop music is too decay.

at the time of the people, has been popular with spontaneous to entertainment, young men and women, to Qin water river, to date, to choose, culture is very open. National cadres, therefore, to do so, no more than is influenced by folk, a piece of cake, don’t make a fuss.

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mutations: handsome sorghum dating failure unconvinced rival to a duel

there are open and transparent way of campaign, with prime minister personally presided over the program, and fully respect the rights of woman, everyone is identity and has the quality of civil servants, things at this point, should perfectly solved. However, a lot of things is not mesa of dating shows can solve, a lot of dirty and accidents will happen in the audience.