In the spring and autumn when the guru to stay away from: for the assassination of extremely superior to kill his wife killed self-harm

girls guru spring and autumn period

what is extremely superior? Thou dragon well said: hands without a sword, a sword in your heart.

what is extremely superior? The hand is the body, but it can kill between near.

what is extremely superior? Can let the person that was killed die take orally, think oneself a fair death honors the whole life.

what is extremely superior? After killing another extremely superior, suicide to quote him.

this extremely masters, there is only one in history, also can only have one.

otherwise, he is extremely superior.

extremely, is some girls guru.

this man, with an obscure name: have to leave.

will be from the story, you will see what master is floating clouds.

who can kill childe igawa cream

to stay away from the story took place in two thousand five hundred years ago, the age old, hard to avoid is something of a legend.

it was the late spring and autumn period, from the country life is the kingdom of wu, can be understood as the time is now in jiangsu province. That year, wu an event happens, king liao of wu’s cousin he lu hired a killer to kill king liao of wu, with the sword is very valuable, called lift fire sword.

to kill king liao of wu, he lu became the prince he lu. However, to avoid fled childe, son of king liao of wu and sun cream is the world first master in wulin, that is generation total guru. The master always bad to what degree?

so recorded in “wu yue chun qiu”, avoid is courage, the smell also. Mo when the bones and muscles strength, ten thousand people. Go back to running of the beast and hand to birds, bone meat teng fly, giving the knees hundreds of miles. The prince he lu taste in chase, a team of four horses galloping, shot in the dark, in the vector.

need not translation, basically, is the first official strength to run such as fly, with full of hatred, and familiar with the terrain of the harem.

the prince he lu afraid ah, if only to avoid to assassinate childe, how to do?

? Find someone to assassinate childe celebration of cream.

the question is: who can kill childe celebrates the cream?

this time, wu zixu recommended one. Who? Zhang sanfeng? Wrong; Make fox blunt? Wrong; Huo yuan jia? Big mistake.

what exactly is who? Have to leave.

& other; Have to leave? Stronger than a celebration of cream? Throughout the &; He lu asked.

& other; No, the small thin. Throughout the &;

& other; Special skills? Throughout the &;

& other; No, hand cannot. Throughout the &;

& other; So, what makes his assassination celebrates the cream? Throughout the &;

& other; Big king, I tell you a story, you know. Throughout the &;

& other; Speak quickly. Throughout the &;

conquered shandong guru

go on for two years, JiGuoPa a messenger to wu, the man called pepper QiuXin.

pepper QiuXin is qi famous warriors, equivalent to a guru figure in shandong province today. Huai jin, want to in the huaihe river water the horses. Locals told him & other; The water, see the horse came out, eat your horse. Throughout the &;

& other; Hey, I’m the first warrior, qi what god dare to eat my horse? Throughout the &; Pepper QiuXin don’t believe it.

pepper QiuXin attendants in huai river water the horses, the results really have water come out, give the horse to eat. Pepper QiuXin great anger, take off pants to the water, the result and water god of war days out, pierced by mercury blind in one eye.

in the kingdom of wu, done down to business, wu local folk warriors gave a banquet, a bilateral friendly exchanges between the peers. Three cups, pepper QiuXin began to qualities, glibly how do I, how you wu.

everyone some defiantly, but weigh, could cope with pepper QiuXin return true not. This time, to speak, he sat across the pepper QiuXin.