In Vietnam but in the year of the rabbit “cat” or because of pronunciation and close to “frame”

Beijing, January 26 just after Chinese New Year of the rabbit, but for the Vietnamese, the year of the rabbit is representative & other; The cat & throughout; Years.

according to & other; Cna & throughout; Reports, from Vietnam to marry to Taiwan YanPeiYing said, Vietnam peasant having a cat will catch mice, the cat is a good helper for farmers, so the lunar year of the rabbit, Vietnam called & other; The cat & throughout; Years.

YanPeiYing said, in the hope that through the process of teaching in primary school, let more children to learn different cultures.

YanPeiYing pointed out that China of the twelve earthly branches and corresponding to the Chinese zodiac, each year will also be in accordance with the lunar New Year’s day. May be because the Chinese & other; Sockets & throughout; With & other; The cat & throughout; Voice similar, so in Vietnam & other; Sockets & throughout; Read for & other; The cat & throughout; Years.