In xinjiang, a construction unit starts without authorization Nur reservoir tang tombs were destroyed

corporate law-breaking to small-scale operations for the protection of cultural relics

a construction unit starts without authorization nur and reservoir in xinjiang han tombs destroyed

although construction units clearly know there are two nomads tomb complex and living relics of han and tang dynasties period, is also committed to batch of down loan must be reported to the protection of cultural relics departments, protective, but when the protection of cultural relics department personnel to come here again, tombs have been vast earthwork overburden pressure, landfill, sporadic some tombs naked in the sun. This is the reporter understands from the cultural relics department recently.

in changji hui autonomous prefecture, xinjiang changji ASHLEY township nur plus village about 9 km southwest of nur and reservoir site, two thousand years ago is such a scenario: nomads in clear winding three tuen mun river basin and along the river, at the age of moving along with the spread condition, migration, swimming herding, breeding, a harmonious picture. According to the commissioner of administration of cultural heritage in xinjiang cultural relics protection Liang Tao introduction, the tombs of han and tang dynasties period here. This period of the nomadic culture, life, history and literature is less, the tombs excavated can fill the blank of the nomadic life habits north of the tianshan mountains, is an important historical data.

in October 2009, the archaeological institute of xinjiang three tuen mun river basin management and changji, xinjiang water conservancy and hydropower survey design institute and other relevant departments of changji nur archaeological exploration and reservoir submerged area and the planning area, consider nur reservoir near a total of two ancient tombs group of 45 tombs, a site need to excavation and research. In May 2010, nur reservoir project argumentation, changji hui autonomous prefecture administration according to the autonomous region of administration of cultural heritage, the reservoir was introduced, and affirms & other; The cultural relics department shall, first of all, the tombs of disentombs, then project to start construction. Throughout the &; The program director said & other; Will actively support the work for the protection of cultural relics throughout the &; .

this is two years. Cultural relics departments often worth of expenses, construction units with & other; Loan has not yet implemented, no money & throughout; Citing dodge. Once.during, course last April 27, the municipal cultural relics department personnel to come here again, found reservoirs has been rolled out, the construction site to the surrounding environment disturbance is larger, sites of cultural relics is construction of earthwork overburden pressure, has been difficult to determine the accurate position of 45 tombs. May 10 once.during, the municipal cultural relics department course again to the scene reconnaissance, 60 acres of land have been found covered by earthwork construction, along the river valley in ancient tombs have been destroyed.

& other; Not don’t know where ancient tombs cultural relic value, but because of who I am clear about its protection can affect the construction schedule, the construction unit to & lsquo; Race against time & rsquo; To its & lsquo; Flattened & rsquo; & lsquo; Corporate law & rsquo; Destruction of cultural relics behavior become a cultural heritage protection work issues. Throughout the &; Xinjiang cultural leadership said of the matter.

under the requests of the cultural relics department, project construction units of cultural relics protection area total shutdown, they said it will fully cooperate with cultural relics department of cultural relics in emergency treatment. According to the cultural relics department estimates, if the construction unit according to the procedures, archaeological experts completes the survey before the construction, the tombs excavated, the construction unit and then to the construction, burial would not be damaged. Damage such a serious case for rescue, delayed the progress of both, and to invest more, do more harm than good. & other; Punishment, regulation, is not the ultimate goal. Our ultimate aim is to protect the country’s cultural heritage, improve the legal consciousness of the protection of cultural relics. Throughout the &; Liang Tao said. (reporter wang harp)