In xinjiang, the ancient “silk road” north now, 2000 years ago, ancient human residential sites

Beijing, urumqi on August 2 (TaoShuanKe Lin Da) 2, the reporter learns from xinjiang JingHe county cultural relics management, the cultural relics experts in the field of cultural relics of the routine safety inspections in the process, piedmont zone in the bottom of a “rick found early humans live site in two places. After the xinjiang uygur autonomous region cultural relics experts identified, should be between before and after the preliminary inference s.

it is said that the site about 100 kilometers from qinghe county in a north-south seasonal gully. Site and sharp, site of wall base with black or brown gravel build by laying bricks or stones into the system, the rectangle. West 1 site 17 meters long from south to north, 14 meters long, built with double larger gravel, wall 0.9 meters wide, gravel spacing of 0.4 meters, 0.5 meters high & ndash; 0.9 m.

2 sites with a diameter of 14 meters of circular and rectangle of three sizes, small bedroom 4.5 meters long, 3.7 meters wide. Workers at this site collection on the surface of the sand inclusion pottery and spinning round pieces etc.

by the autonomous region of cultural relics experts identified, should be in the preliminary inference s between before and after the discovery of the historical sites of early human activities in research JingHe area and production life provides the data, is the first time found within the territory of JingHe preserved better, characteristic obvious human habitation site before and after the AD.

JingHe county is located in the ancient & other; The silk road & throughout; Fucheng ruins of ebinur lake is in the north, and Ann, onishi wang boundary tablets, black sun chagan mound grave mound and other places of historic interest of golem. The