India’s 14-year-old girl often dreamed of a snake To marry a snake temple statue rattlesnakes

according to & other; Cna & throughout; 5 days to report, in central India Ma Deya province a 14-year-old girl in the village common snake appears in the dream, in the village elders urging, she followed the Hindu tradition marry, & other; The groom & throughout; Is one of the local snake temple statue rattlesnakes.

more than 400 guests and members of the family attended the day before yesterday in Ma Deya province (Madhya Pradesh) qing DE navarre (Chhindwara) county rhone (Rohna Kala) traditional Hindu village wedding. Local is apart from the provincial capital of Bhopal Bhopal city 290 kilometers.

this is pahlavi (Sampat Bhalawi) 14 year old daughter anchor (Anjali) get married day. Also read in the eighth grade little bride dressed in a pink dress, traditional head wearing red scarves, accept all wishes.

wedding held a snake in the local temple, lasted for 1 hour. Sitting in the process of little bride don’t say a word, wait for Hindu priests finish chanting blessing ceremony.

is reported on the day of the wedding photos show, anchor li brother, on behalf of the father & other; Take the bride & throughout; (kanyadaan), to send her to a snake temple, the symbol of the bride’s family to bride all responsibility, since then handed over to the temple and other; The groom & throughout; .

another photo frame is as anchor li stands in front of a temple in a statue rattlesnakes, gifts with both hands placed her & other; The groom & throughout; . Reported that the anchor li to the snake statue burning incense, offering water, flowers.

after the ceremony, as anchor li said she wanted to go home. But she only in & other; Home & throughout; Is to be returned to the snake temple, also said to his family will spend more time to stay in the temple.

as anchor surveyed said Sally, common snake appears in the dream, & other; He (snake) said to me, I was his wife, you want me to marry him & throughout; . Of her family about dreams, not long ago in the village elders know, constantly urged to make anchor Sally married with snakes.