Inspiration for revelation “liao zhai zhi yi” love more associated with prostitutes

Chinese master Chen yinque in its “the willow is like this so there is such a paragraph, pointed out: best & other; Paper studied at the beginning of the qing dynasty pu leave fairy pine age is written “liao zhai zhi yi” the fox woman, yan qing said, mostly dissipated and, leave fairy to the teachers of the law of qilu, dissatisfaction of the restriction of the social environment, hence send daydream, talk about Joe jinn to write their ideal of the female ear. But since the late Ming dynasty wu yue sheng flow, the fox woman, is a real person, and for the fence wall between objects, not to be implied meaning of the game, also in, in a dream. If hedong jun, sing good Jue, wandering, particularly described in and leave a fairy tale as approximation. Throughout the &; That is to say, to Chen yinque, those flowers demon be sycophantic woman in “liao zhai zhi yi”, has a very distinctive brothel such as willow, a pretty features. What are the connection between fox ghosts and brothel? This pen and ink, is the brainchild of pu song-ling, or certain cultural traditions of an ancient? Han Tian deer for the reader to reveal the small secret in Chinese culture.

inspiration Prostitutes are life ornament

as a special professional group, a brothel woman bear the blame is on line three hundred and sixty. Woman cursed them, because they may seduce her husband, men don’t loyal to family; Some men curse them, because they fear their wives learned them. But at the same time, in the literature for their appreciation and praise but never stop. Swearing is not eternal preservation value, gradually fade away, but for their praise of literature has been preserved.

Han Tian hart argues that the seemingly contradictory situation with long medieval confinement status of women in fact. & other; For normal women, due to their allotted for the reproduction of the family, is the main task of the as well as the men xiangfujiaozi, housework, so they have been accepted by the education, there is no pleasing men this lesson. The women were asked to chastity, because their chastity is of great benefit to the men. But on the other hand, the adventure and excitement almost is man’s nature, since we can’t seem to get a satisfy with his wife, they are bound to find the other channels. As virtuous wife gave man a stable marriage happiness, prostitutes who work with all the necessary love and versatile, for men to legal channels to premarital romance and marriage to stimulate the lack of opportunity. Throughout the &;


in “liao zhai zhi yi” between the lines, Han Tian deer analysis thinks, pu songling has not given up the chance. From the existing materials, he had contacts with prostitutes is indisputable. Pu songling had a early for sun tree hundred served as chief of staff, experience, meanwhile, he and sun tree hundred brothel origin concubines Gu Qingxia relationship is very special, he called her intimacy & other; Chloe & throughout; For her present best rhyme thought sweet casket of tang dynasty poem, and let her read to yourself, he also wrote many poems for her, some color is very ambiguity of poetry. Besides Gu Qingxia, he associate with other prostitutes, he has the number of the present prostitute poems “. All of these, for writing stories about prostitutes text provides a solid basis of life. Pu song-ling’s wife liu is a chaste and level of rural women, are these prostitutes, to the lonely staff experience some romantic stories, with his poor and boring life.

writing features Avoid the virtual strike is a master of article

Written directly in the

“liao zhai zhi yi” prostitutes few chapters, the author clearly points to the origin of brothel woman only in the “sunset” in the cloud, “jia ping childe WenJi, the fox prostitutes in the crow head, red cloud in” red cloud “, the fine in fine hou hou, etc. If to prostitutes commonplace life on earth, is only in the “red cloud” red cloud and the fine in fine hou hou. But even & other; Red cloud & throughout; , still not completely off the miraculous color, if not the unknown origin young scholar the appearance of the red cloud only beautiful don’t accidentally felt have pity on, masked with spell her beauty, made her ugly as hell, with He Sheng poverty, there is no chance to marry to the cloud. Of course, if the scholar never appeared, He Sheng expressed itself is loyalty, but the cloud will feel life failed He Sheng feelings. Is the scholar of the spell, they eventually belongs and the best of both worlds, who only brothel madams. Why don’t you written in red cloud illness, pu song-ling He Sheng serving night and day, finally make her lover to regain its former beauty? Or, let the truth more solid, let He Sheng has been waiting for, until the old cheap red cloud, and then take her to marry go home, like a treasure? Han Tian deer thought, and the only explanation is that pu songling don’t like the germplasm of ink. As he said, & other; Avoid the virtual strike, is the article master & throughout; , he prefers writing is illusory.


so, in “liao zhai zhi yi”, will appear a large number of obvious characteristics of brothels with fox ghosts. The said more absolute, “liao zhai zhi yi” fox ghosts, as well as related to the love theme of works, and mostly brothel have certain relations.

uphold allusions Prostitution female the ghost fox has similarities

this is not the creation of pu song-ling, since the tang dynasty, there is the brothel (mainly senior brothel) as fairy grotto, compares the prostitutes to the fairy, the tradition of fox. Such as nicotianae “swim fairy grotto”, in fact, writing is a senior brothels experience; Shen “biography of miss ren, happened between intellectuals and prostitutes.

Han Tian deer thought, so, generally for two reasons: one is the need of art, art pays attention to a empty spirit wonderful lasting appeal, and the relationship between prostitutes and clients, there will always be suspected of money smell is too strong. Prostitutes processing into the man’s identity, and with ShiJingQi pulled open the distance, produce a kind of alienation is also true. Second, is perhaps the most important, is the fox ghosts and prostitutes who have a natural culture isomorphism between relations. In real life, China always pay attention to the so-called & other; Headed by the evil Yin & throughout; , pay attention to & other; I am not her man woman, I don’t her wife & throughout; Woman and wife outside the relationship as a great evil. But there is only one exception, that is, and prostitutes. On this issue, prostitutes and those fox demon ghost fairy, is free from the general social ethics. Also, because do prostitutes are considered insulting to the door, so the general prostitutes taboo for their own family, this also makes them in the average person in the mind have a kind of mystery. At this point, they and the fox demon ghost also has a lot of similarities. But & other; Fairy & throughout; The imagery and prostitutes eventually separated, of which half because of in the eyes of ordinary people & other; Fairy & throughout; Is higher than that of people, use it to above and low social status is very prostitutes who do not meet people’s psychological and cultural habits.

artistic achievement innovation pu song-ling fox ghost image

nicotianae, shen only vaguely to the perception, but pu songling has with susceptible to heart, with experience, with his profound cultural accomplishment, keen grasp it, and it successfully used in the artistic creation. He’s a lot of fox demon woman, to a certain extent to share the prostitutes (mainly senior prostitutes) features.

Han Tian deer summed up the characteristics of the prostitutes, first of all, their enthusiasm initiative, in “strange stories,” almost all of the love story is the women’s start, and passion is the first professional prostitutes. Second, they have a special liking to the reader, the prostitutes and reality and the relationship of the philistines. Most reader bearing style elegant, than those & other; Evil guest & throughout; Welcome. Moreover, a brothel woman, especially some advanced, their reputation is worth almost entirely determined by the intellectuals’ presentation, associated with food and clothing, they will naturally to the scholar are pretty highly. Most of the third, they are versatile, “liao zhai zhi yi” fox ghosts can poetry, there are some good more. In & other; Innocence is the virtue for women & throughout; In ancient times, the basic is the privilege of prostitutes. & other; Most of the fox spirits after scholar know their origins are a little ashamed, for scholar don’t have a grateful to abandon their origins. Isn’t that what prostitutes in front of the lover of birth of the real language of the inferiority complex? Throughout the &;

all these, illustrates the fox ghost story between scholar and pu song-ling, China has a long tradition of the brothel literature, but also contributed a talented. “Fairy wat swim”, or “miss ren biography”, said the fairy fox said, is the throat oblique tour simple red herring, only here on the pu songling, fox ghost images truly with condensation of brothels.